Minor Football 2018


No shields in any minor champ this year. Pity as it was very successful last year. With 6 teams in the A football it wouldn’t of worked though.


A and B championships have 5 games each.
Unfair on the other lower championships that they dont get a few more games.


Two quarters, the semis and a final. Would only need one more week. Should be run. No reason it couldn’t be.


‘A’ champ seems wide open. Boden and Crokes winning all games, but otherwise good competition for second spots. Impressed with Skerries throughout the year, they have a shot to get that second spot I think.


Is that confirmed?


Fair play to the harps , dug very deep this morning down to 14 and a black card against the wind to come back and beat Vincent’s , however the melee which ensued was an unsavoury end to a thrilling contest


Does anyone know if it’s winner of one group vs runner up in other group and teams who win their group get home semi ?


That’s the way it went in the hurling so you’d reckon so.


Thanks Alan


Set for a great last day. One one side it looks a 3 horse race between Syls, Whitehall and Boden, with any 2 going through. The other side you would reckon Crokes are in (don’t think its a guarantee) and then its between Skerries and Clontarf. Crokes play Clontarf also so should be fun. Syls play Boden as well.


Both last years finalists out early- Na Fianna look to be struggling a small bit in behind- I see their 16s were hammered in the Quarters of 16 Championship and were mid D2. Thomas Davis beat Boden by a point, Castleknock beaten by Plunkets was also interesting, think they won the AI Feile. They look to be doing great work at Juvenille Level and im sure hoping this crop can pay off at Minor, theyd of been disapointed to loose on Saturday.


Due to head to head if 2 teams tied-
I would expect Whitehall to bt ballymun and top group , boden/syls winner will take 2nd place as neither can get top spot as both have lost to Whitehall (head to head)

V interesting in other group, if clontarf and skerries win , all tied on 8 pts, PD to decide top 2. Crokes PD is huge, Skerries may sneak 2nd on PD given last day games setup

If crokes and Skerries win they get 1&2 spots.


Whitehall & Ballyboden won in Group A & Crokes & Skerries won in Group B

Semi finals

Whitehall v Skerries
Crokes v Ballyboden


Will be two close games you’d imagine


No. There is a Leinster competition I think. Or certainly there was. But it doesn’t go any further than that.


Given that not all counties play u18 for minor club competitions, I’d guess this means no Leinster / All Ireland anymore


Anyone at the Crokes v Boden game today ? Bit of a surprise but Boden have done Crokes before at this age group in big games.


Castleknock beat Plunketts 3-14 to 2-7 in B Semi .


Looks like the good bit of press went to the Crokes lads heads… kicked around 10 wides, most of Them from nice ranges. Boden went straight through the middle of their defense over and over in the 2nd half
Purcell and Comerford best for Crokes but not Comerfords best day.
O’Leary had bad day from play and frees

Thought Boden played very well… some massive men on their team. Once they got The ball to the opposition half they used it very well


Boden vs Whitehall now in the ‘A’ final, they played already in the group. Who would be favourites?