Minor Club Hurling 2018


It certainly wasn’t - it was happening long before that. Varley the main difference yesterday fair play … a good buy … acquisition I mean … :smirk:


Is Varley not overage for minor hurling?


Jealousy is an awful thing :slight_smile:
And no more than yourselves there’s fcuk all money in Vincents to be giving it to anyone.


You had the knife into another club about their underage - just pointing out that you have shortcomings too. You’d be first to do it yourself …, always … :wink:


Crokes have won not one but 2 SHCA titles recently (2012 and 2014). For the last 2 years they have lost the Dublin final by a goal to Cuala who have gone on in both years to swat aside numerous county champions (apart from Na Piarsaigh who drew with Cuala the first day and lost - also by a goal - the replay). That’s a fairly good record over a 6-year period.


Au contraire. I think you’ll find I praised their under age but suggested they have major difficulties getting lads through at senior. The opposite to us :wink:


Fair enough. But if you combine it with football I think I’d consider it a poor enough return. I lost count of the amount of cups I handed over to Crokes in nine years on CCC2. I guess I thought they’d have won a lot more than they have with the success they had at under age in the first decade of the millennium




Jesus my club is better then yours what a pack of owlones.


When is big too big? Who are the biggest clubs in Dublin? Boden, Crokes, Na Fianna?


I think they’re referring to geographically big (ie the boden catchment area is larger than the Barrog, Monica’s, otooles, Parnells and trinity Gael’s catchment area combined)


Really!!! And it surrounded by Jude’s, Faughs, TSS, BSJ, Anne’s and you could add Olaf’s and the smaller clubs into the mix to. I think there is a view that Boden have half south Dublin which is far from the truth. But don’t let the facts get in the way.


So what would be the radius etc of bodens catchment area. Imo Vincents would have a lot more clubs very very close to them to compete with.


Catchment areas are interesting. When I was growing up in Glasnevin it was an ageing population - rich but ageing - and there was no real choice only to ask lads from Armagh (*cough) to move into the area. Despite the fact that property in the area went off the scale in recent years a lot of professional young people moved into the area giving Na Fianna the vibrancy it enjoys today! The rest of us are miles away waiting for a rich aunt to die … :open_mouth:


And your point being? I was not talking about Vincent’s, I was merely pointing out the fact that contrary to popular views Boden’s catchment area is not as wide as some like to profess.


My point being is that Vincents have a much less area to pick from than Boden. So many clubs in close proximity. Added in the fact that the generation around Marino etc would be a lot older than say firhouse, knocklyon, ballyboden. Rathfarnham,Etc. You could say the same for crokes too. Huge catchment area. It’s been discussed here numerous times.


St Olafs and KC nurseries are located right beside each other. Other KC competition to the south would be Cuala and then some small clubs like Geraldine Moran’s and Stars of Erin, but they tend to get players who don’t like the big set up. KC and St Olaf’s compete for Goatstown, but have Mt Merrion, Stillorgan and Kilmacud sown up. Ranelagh Gaels have eaten into their Clonskeagh and Milltown base.


But who was talking about Vincent’s? I wasn’t so why bring them up? It’s not all about them. I was as I’ve said pointing out some facts in response to the usual lazy assumptions that Biden have half of south Dublin to hoover from. That’s all.


I was just using Vincents as an example. Not a member of St Vincents nor have anything against them.


how many houses in the Boden catchment area ???

or are you claiming ballyboden wanderers nda Annes are eating in to them