Minor Club Hurling 2018


Olafs have objected to the revised div 2 south status which led to a postponed match today against lucan in div 2 south, dcb postponed the match after the objection. This further outlines the current state of the minor club hurling structure in Dublin. Who can blame them though? They applied for div3 but ended up beating kilmacud C by 50 and lucan Bs by 25( possibly both the weakest teams in the league) Both of those teams should of been div 4 in the first place. One would presume Olafs are possibly struggling for numbers and cannot guarantee to field 15 players weekly. Why should they automatically be graded now as div 2 south when teams like faughs were demoted to div 3 without consultation?. One would hope lessons are learned here and we have a fair competitive championships at all levels for minor hurling.


I’m not going to comment on the gradings as I don’t know enough about them but you cannot object to or appeal gradings so I’ve no idea why a game was cancelled for that.


The leagues were already “revised and restructured” based on other clubs objections so why should they not object again. I presume Olafs will be told that based on the two results outlined above are the reasons why they are in the division they are in.

I know that seeing my own clubs 2nd team being beaten by 49 points a number of weeks ago was a bit disheartening to say the least, but they are now in a where they can at least compete with the opposition (regardless of whether they lose) and this will keep lads interested. In saying that I also witnessed my clubs first team being beaten by 24 points yesterday by a team who were originally a division below them before the change. So it is showing a complete lack of knowledge by the ccc when leagues are being created at the start of the year. Clubs are asked what division they want to go into but the ccc should have an idea of who should be competing in what league based on a clubs performance at minor level and U16 level the previous season.

2018- The year of the objection


are Thomas Davis happy with their ranking ???


I’m not arguing about the essence of the gradings and agree completely that if teams are being beaten by fifty points then there’s an issue. My point is that appeals are not allowed. If they were the leagues would never start. I agree that there shouldn’t be too much difficulty in grading minors by looking at the previous two U16 campaigns. I wouldn’t be asking for clubs too say where they want to be. That doesn’t tend to end well :wink:


Anybody know what the latest is with these leagues?
I know Olafs have objected, is this holding things up, as the website still hasn’t been updated with the new league set ups or fixtures


I imagine the CCC have no idea what the story is with these leagues.


You cannot appeal a grading CCC should fix the games and get on with it.


The first round of the minor hurling leagues was played on 15 Apr, but for some reason the website not showing the revised leagues when you search by ‘Competitions’. However if you search by ‘All Upcoming Fixtures’ you’ll see this Sunday’s fixtures, and you can click into individual leagues that way


3 Crokes minor hurling teams out today, three good wins.


They’ve been at that for a long time now. Time to turn it into adult success.


Senior A, Senior B, Intermediate and Junior C championships all won in the last 5/6 years. Pretty sure that’d be classed as some success. Also this is our first year ever fielding 3 minor hurling teams.


Compared to their under age success over the last ten years one Senior A is a very poor return. Compared to Cuala Crokes were miles ahead over the last decade at under age but it hasn’t transferred to Senior A level. Might be why they’re trying to attract country lads from good clubs to transfer to them :wink:


Oooohh Meow.
Your club footballers stink of outsiders. I hope you’re trying to be sarcastic haha


We don’t pay hefty expenses though :joy:


What is KC’s catchment arwa compared to Vincent’s (or nearly any other Dublin club)?


Big cachement area but traditionally rugby/soccer country.


It’s massive compared to most clubs. And they’ve done a good job promoting themselves. But like Boden they have become too big imho. There’s room for clubs out there to grow with some help.


Fair play to Varley yesterday … Marino’s finest …


Now, now. We all know who originated the culchies playing for Dublin :wink: The rest of us had to do something.