Minor Club Hurling 2018


Check for bangers more like! :joy:


I can assure you it is the case.


Which is exactly why we made such an effort to make sure there were team sheets. If they weren’t there on Saturday then that would be the exception rather than the rule. Disappointing yes, but it was not a case of someone simply not bothering.


Seem to remember a few senior teams this year not submitting team sheets for Hurling Champo…difficult for Co Board to have them available when clubs don’t submit .


Ok fair enough. I take it back :grin:


Im seeing so many apologies on Res the last few days…
What has happened to all the grumpiness?


Fucking political correctness gone mad, MAD I tellskya


Four in a row. We’re mellowing.


They did have team sheets, I got one when I arrived. But the fella who was giving them out was also opening the gate for team busses and other team officials as well.


Next time they should get a woman. They can multi task.


They have, but she is off sick!!!


One full time and one part time. And surely between them and all other paid employees they should ensure this is done.
The full time paid secretary wouldn’t be shy about admonishing the many volunteers (as he regularly does) at meetings if anyone dared to question him.


Have a go man to man the next time then instead of here.


Maybe he thinks Alan is still the secretary perhaps


If you read a couple of messages above you’ll see that it was done. And there’s no part timer any more.


Did you not read Vins post above? They were available. Maybe you won’t be shy admitting your error!!!


@Tayto we could be close to another apology… watch this space :joy::joy:


Must be something of a record


If there isn’t an apology it wouldhavebeen a case of what @Couldhavebeen , shouldhavebeen.


I’ll fcuking put manners on yis! Is Dayo on the block here btw?