Minor Club Hurling 2018


16 A final Castlenock 3-12 Thomas Davis 1-11. A strong first half by Castlenock with a big wind, they led by 11 at ht and Td never recovered. Luke swan had an excellent game scoring 2 vital goals and several points though Adam Waddick who marked him while he was further out the field also played very well. Castlenock fullback was in my opinion the man of the match, a brilliant display by the no23. If not with Dublin he should be next year!


I presume this is wrong?


Still on hill16 so cant be an error?
Better pitch than O’Toole but surely other more suitable venues?

@amigo might shed some light


No way you can play a county final on the pitch of one of the finalists


Sure they play the All Ireland Final on the pitch of one of the finalists nearly every year …




That’s not a county final though


Where would the Tyrone County SFC final be played if Omagh St Enda’s were playing?


Not Pairc Ui Murchu id imagine


Crokes under the impression it’s on in O’Toole Park


Yep, it’s O Toole park alright.
Had PUM on Dublin gaa and Boden sites, but definitely O Toole Park.


Hill16 updated now to O’Toole.

You’d still wonder why a Minor A final isn’t in Parnell mind you.


It’s clear as day the dcb don’t care where matches are played once there played. Apart from Senior obviously. Saying that O’Toole creates a better atmosphere for a final with two full stands rather than an empty Parnell park. Charging a fiver into o toole last week for the 16 finals and they can’t even be bothered to print off team sheets.


Harsh. I can guarantee you it had nothing to do with just not bothering. It would be very unusual for CCC2 not to have team sheets printed off. In my nine years on the committee we never had a day of finals without a programme.

It might be worth remembering that CCC2, bar the secretary, is an entirely voluntary affair. And they continue to do an excellent job. No fair to beat them with a once off.


That may be the case. I wouldn’t be at many juvenile finals so I can only go on last week…


Team sheets were available out in Peregrines for A shield and C champo finals last Saturday


U15A & D finals in Parnell this Sunday


I heard some CCC2 volunteer is producing a 32 page glossy programme for these Finals during his lunch break on Thursday. It’s important to keep people happy.


Must be a northside thing, @Southdublin?


Sorry if I’ve hit a nerve here :joy:! . My point is paying a fiver in you should get a piece of paper with the team listings on it, also these kids might not get to a championship final again for years and parents like holding onto them. If it’s a once off it’s a once off…