Minor Club Hurling 2018


There are. Same as any other championship. No player who played A this year can play B. Doubt it’s true.


He 100% played corner forward last week v TD. Sure if he hasn’t played A their fully entitled to play him?.


That Crokes minor team is packed full of former dublin minor and underage squad players - doubt they need to rely on under 16s. I think unless a team needs them to field then leave the lads at their own age group - some minors are massive it’s not fair to put smaller under 16s in a minor team
I’m sure Crokes are well aware of the rule of once you’ve played a you can’t play b - they’d never jeopardize their chances by engaging in that carry on risking getting expelled from the competition


Fixtures for Sunday


Boden beat Vins by a goal. Authors of our own demise unfortunately. Missed an inordinate number of not very difficult chances in the first half and gave away two goals at key moments in the second. Boden will give Crokes (I presume they won) a good game in the final.

Ref had a very good game I thought.


Crokes won by 3pts


Hard luck to Vins. You absolutely missed a lot of easy chances in the first half when on top. Good Vins team. Some great fielding by Vins at half back, mid and half forward.
Good to see a couple of our lads who have been injured get some game time in the second half.
Agree re ref. Good game.


Good enough to be out with Dublin minors he should be with the A panel with his club at that grade too


I take back what I originally said about Castlenock. Looks like they were probably right to enter the B. Fair play to Erin’s Isle who look like one of the teams to beat in this championship along with Balinteer.


Anybody know if the semi finals for B and C are open draw or are the pairings already made?


Going on the last few years format it will be

Isles V Clontarf
Balinteer V raheny


@GerD you are the most reliable resser ever for the fixtures. Would you have the fixtures for November 11th yet?

Would they play all the minor finals on the same day or get the A final done and dusted before the B and C. Wouldn’t mind getting to see the A final


Have heard that the A final is on in O’Toole at 11 on the 11th, not sure about the others.


Id have thought they would have deserved Parnell


Being kept free for the Minor Z football final.



@GerD anything for 21 hurling ?




Just posted to U21 Club Hurling 2018


Interesting that minor final is a replay of the senior.
With all 4 semi finalists been the same clubs as senior also.
Should be a decent came, pity it is being played on a cow padock