Minor Club Hurling 2018


Isles beat Judes in the B. 3-15 to 0-12. Good honest game in tough conditions


Castleknock will play Thomas Davis in the under 16 A final. Knock beat Lucan and TD beat Crokes in the semis


Interesting. Team that’s dead last in Div 1 made the final. Something to do with players not being available for league games? Well done Thomas Davis. Great achievement.


Thomas Davis making great strides in hurling. Great to see


Yeah, noticed that knocks results were poor in the league… Must have had a few lads involved with the u17s. Luke Swan is under 16 I think, so they’re probably a completely different team when he’s around


Likely. Think it is deplorable myself that U16s are now not in a position to play every game with their club.


Will make a good final with the novel pairing for an A hurling championship final. It’s our first A final in any grade in hurling and a big Thomas Davis crowd will be present. Final fixed for November 3rd. Having watched a good few 16 div 1 hurling matches this year there was no real standout team, any team could win on any given day but TD have some excellent hurlers and will fancy their chances.


Congrats. But a 1 month wait for a final?


I think the A champ is a match ahead of the rest of the grades… must be trying to keep all the finals for the same day?!


I presume there are no fixtures the Bank holiday weekend otherwise the final would have been played then? The other championships are at the semi final stage and are to be played next Saturday so the 27th would have been the obvious choice for all finals


Conor Murray would take fair stopping at under 16 level too.


Vins beat Whitehall by six. Puts them through in second place behind Crokes.


Cuala 0.16
Boden 2.15
Boden Vins semi Alan?


Yep. Should be a good game




Anyone have an idea when the A semi’s and b quarters will be on?


Two weeks I’d imagine.


B quarters are on the 28th. Not sure about the A semis


Is it an open draw for the 1/4s in the B ? Are their any shield competitions in the minor Hurling


Is it an open draw for the 1/4s in the B ? Are their any shield competitions in the minor Hurling