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Bought for 18 million to build new houses. Na Fianna grounds probably less money and hassle for the Government.


Is the site you mention on Botanic Road on the left just after The Sunnybank?

Considering it’s underground out to the airport I’d have thought there was sufficient land on the airport side of the M50 or indeed behind Gullivers Retail Park for a tunnel boring depot.


That site has already been bought.

If the clubhouse is not effected it may not be as bad as it could be. If the clubhouse was lost then the heart of the club is ripped out. It is still a place for people to rendezvous, dressing rooms can still be used, hall used and bar used.
I don’t mean this to come across bad if it seems that way but if it is the main pitch and training areas that are being lost then they can be replaced and I’d assume it will be of no cost to Na Fianna? As I said in an earlier post I’d hit the them for an all weather where the school pitch is. That is somewhere the nursery kids and young underage teams can play so there will be no loss of players coming through the gate. Na Fianna use Vincents school and Johnstown park already so no loss there. I am sure DCU and St Aidans can be used obviously for a price. Even Abbottstown. Travel may be an issue but they already go to Collinstown.

I wonder why they have not chosen to use the government land where Whitehall college is for their project?


The key issue is that we lose a centre point.Our all weathers are on the go from 5 to 10.15 every night and also at weekends.If our key pitch is gone it has many side effects from finance point of view as well.As it is we are at breaking point from pitch needs


Jesus lads @DUB09 @D9er Why couldn’t they use the soccer pitches beside you, is that not government land in front of Dept of Defense?
What about access into both Scoil Mobhí and Scoil Caitríona?..


They’re going as well


Madness, how these decision makers keep getting away with this is beyond me…


Couldn’t see clubhouse lasting as viable entity if the proposed use is as “tunnel boring depot”…sounds fairly industrial. Even from safety point of view.

I’d have thought that st clares is the obvious (best case) solution as plenty of pitches, dressing rooms etc.
Playing facility wise, its a situation that can be managed but in reality, its the loss of a central hub that’s a killer…you need that focal point…and in fairness to Na Fianna, they are example to all in how they’ve run their grounds as hub of community with secondary businesses outside of core GAA things.

Certainly, you can gain financially from renting and also in restoration to higher quality facilities at end of it…but that would be bearable if it was for year or two…but 6+ years is generational disruption. At that stage, you’d consider would re-building clubhouse up in likes of st clares under long term arrangement being better option


Jesus , are they anexing the land ? Surely a objection can be put in unless the government own the land ??


All bets are off for major infrastructural projects like railways…CPO to the power of 2.


A bigger issue for NaF here is I believe they don’t actually own the land, it’s a long term lease from either DCC or DOD (not sure which), so probably not as sure a footing as one would think.

It’s a criminal way to treat any organisation, never mind one that is crucial to the surrounding community and such an integral part of it. To be honest, I can’t see the GAA lying down for this and having John Horan there will make things go a little in NaF’s favour. Cormac (chairman) also has a business that is dependent on using the pitches on Mobhi road, it will cause him no end of misery if this went through… There are alternatives and it’s still at consultation level. I wouldn’t be confident this goes through at all. If it does, I’d imagine NaF will be suitably compensated.

I for one will fully support any action that NaF deem fit for purpose. It’s a disgraceful way to treat the club. Time of CLG to flex it’s muscles.


This may be a bit early in the process but as a dublin gaa man i thought what could I or my club do for this situation and thought of this. GAA clubs in Dublin and beyond should organise a march wearing their club colours in protest. Route to be determined but a show of strength from all clubs to support Na Fianna will help lobby support in the right direction.


It’s a lesser issue but Clontarf GAA are losing our nursery to a developer who bought some of what was St. Anne’s Park from St. Paul’s. These decisions must all be fought. I hope Na Fianna can pull through this. Great club.


Dub09 my young fella and his mates are in Na Fianna u11s - I ll join you in protest at the gates. However I fear this is a lost cause considering the metro route. The land is owned by dept of defence.Can t see where else the TII are going to go as space is tight in the locality. Club needs to ensure if they lose the battle they get well compensated for relocation and upheaval .


Will be a strong fight put up against this. Two schools and a. Nursery on this site as well. Na Fianna really is a central part of the community here. This will last for 6 years plus with most of the area directly in front of the clubhouse turned into a massive building site and depot will rip the heart out of the club, particularly for nursery etc which I mentor. Clubhouse although not touched will be affected.

Hugely disruptive as well to the little kids in the naoinra and in Scoil Mobhi.

Home farms juvenile pitches gone too. Mental.


Re-Merger with Kickhams! LOLZ!


Yellow Weather Warning CPOs as they’re called these days.


If the government own the land it will depend on what’s in the lease but if it’s a cpo what are the options


This is scandalous really - should rename the thread to indicate importance of this to gaa grassroots - It should be all over the media