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Amen to that.


So has the Glasnevin Metro stop moved to a different location?


Still to be in the same place if the above link is correct - i.e. where Home Farms ground is on Mobhi Road.

Going back out to public consultation early in New year


They could move it to Ballymun and call it Old Glasnevin Station?


They could call it Rocheystown :wink:


Would that be New Rocheystown or Old Rocheystown?


No, you blithering idiots. It would be Rocheystown North.


Home farm were very quiet through all of this. The other issue is why this solution was nt the initial proposal put forward. As glad as I am with it due to the young lad playing with na fianna and attending scoil catriona hopefully, why the Nta did nt decide on this first. Makes no sense at all the whole process.


2 words. Noel Rock.


€5 Million for Home Farm allowing their pitch to be used.


Yes but was that on the table at the start when na fianna s pitches were initially identified as being the main site. For a huge engineering project another solution was found very quickly .


Noel Rock makes no sense . That I agree with. To read his literature he posts every week you think he single handily saved na fianna. Is he involved with Home farm ?


I presume I am wrong in saying that the soccer pitch is not Home Farms land as it is on the old department of defence land?


Not that I know off hand. My tin foil hat will allow me to share my suspicions.

I suspect that it was never meant to be on the NaFianna site, but they touted it was just so Noel could come in and save the day! Guaranteed re-election with one stunt!

All my teen years doing drugs has left me very paranoid indeed!


It belongs to the department of defence correct . Home farm have a lease apparently. Nice pay off for a pitch that the loss of wouldn’t have caused too much hassle for them.


FFS - defence! We’re not in America now.


Gee Dub09 are you on the offense now. You have a nice day sir .


NaFianna and the 2 schools are also on long term leases from DOD.


I initially thought that they proposed the Na Fianna/Home Farm/ School site in order to drum up opposition so that they could go with their real target of either Albert College Park or St Clares. Tire out the opposition then move on to their real target


St Clare’s eh?

Only if they give the Dubs enough cash to fully develop the Spawell site. A free centre of excellence, cue culchie heads exploding. :heart_eyes: