Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


As the midwife said to Shay’s Mammy, I think that’s a given.


Think it will be a 12 round fight with 12oz gloves as opposed to 4oz in MMA .It really is mind boggling that a man that has not fought one professional fight can get in the ring with one of the greatest boxes ever , think McGregor is going to look awfully stupid throwing alot of shots at Mayweather and missing , and as Kenny Egan said he could get so frustrated he could throw a loaf during the fight !!!


More mind boggling when you consider the amount he will be paid to do it.
I’d get in a ring with Mayweather myself for 90+ million!!


I’d get in the ring with mayweather fir 90,000. McGregor is one lucky boy will never have to fight again after this. Though will get battered in what ever round mayweather decides.


It’s disgraceful that mayweather is using this to try and beat Marciano’s 49 wins record. He may as well be fighting my cat.


He is on a four fight mma contract after the fight.


Same guys that listen to OTB here … :expressionless:

Clue: It’s like DT being POTUS … it’s not real …


Yea yiz are all right, he’s a toerag


Fair play to him on that.

He’s still a dickhead for acting the prick on jet skis and speedboats in a prohibited area where he could potentially do a Kirsty McColl…


I’d agree with you on that but speaking to him personally, he is a very down to earth and actually somewhat shy person beneath the ‘show’. What he needs is someone to advise him what he should and should not be doing, he is still hanging around with his mates, which are a bunch of 20ish year olds from Crumlin with no limits, what do you expect??


That’s fair enough Harper, most egomaniacs (Mayweather for example) are arseholes all the way through but there is a humility in some of the stuff McGregor says/does that for many gets lost in the show that is the UFC.


Anyone been watching the press conferences? Just shows the interest in this event looking at the hype around these things. Some comedic moments in Toronto yesterday


No but he makes his money stoking the hype for pay per view rather being able to outbox Mayweather. Not my cuppa tea but fair fucks to him.


These press conferences… both Mayweather and MacGregor come off looking like complete bell-ends in them, and yet I feel like Agents Mulder and Scully watching Homer Simpson running topless on a treadmill.


I wish he’d ever hurry up and fail a drugs test so we can be done with this charade.


I’d sincerely question the intelligence of anyone who thinks this guy is a role model for anything
Hope he gets KOed inside two rounds .


the good thing is it’s quite easy to ignore.


What’s your prediction for the fight TLR? How many rounds will McG last?


I think you can admire what he does inside the ring - The stuff outside of the ring, that generally goes on when there are tickets to be sold for a boxing/mma match - granted this level of talking shite to and at each other is on another level.


i guess there will be arun on those “f… you” pin stripe suits now for court appearances…