Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Like watching Olly Murs driving over a cliff in your new car.


I assume you mean CMcG…(no concept? strange phrase to use)…do you mean no knowledge of his extra curricular activities??
Correct (bar the snapchat controversy, not in the same stratosphere as FM)

Please enlighten me…


There’s already lads in work here booking flights to vegas - this is gonna be Skangerpalooza '17


can they be one way tickets hopefully


[quote=“RunDMC, post:142, topic:1379”]
Please enlighten me…
[/quote]Acting the gobshite on jetskis and speedboats around the Forty Foot endangering the lives of those who use it regularly


He’s basically won the lotto signing for this fight. He’ll never need to fight again or work a day in his life if he chooses. Fair play to him I say. There’s no need to be so begrudging of success. Few green eyed monsters knocking about the place it seems


Don’t confuse jealousy with contempt.


That is pretty irresponsible, juvenile, obnoxious even…
…doesn’t put him even close to FM in terms of being a disgusting human being.

Don’t get me wrong, i dislike the man and the sport, but some tomfoolery round the 40 foot isn’t quite the same as FM’s transgressions.

@TheLoneRanger - is this what you were referring to also? Still trying to figure out why i “obviously” have no concept of CMcG’s activities…

I just don’t think, based on my current knowledge, that you can tar these two with the same brush…


Do you know anything about him outside the ring ? If you don’t you’d be better keeping your counsel and don’t confuse jealously with being a half decent human being which he certainly isn’t
Money never made any man . He is deemed by his actions . I couldn’t care less if he outperforms George Soros


Apologies. You obviously know him better than me. I don’t know of any deeds he has done that would make your description of him accurate. But calling him a horrible human being and all of his fans skangers smacks of begrudging for the sake of it, that is unless people care to elaborate on what he does in his spare time? Re the comments on his fans, what about our “die hards” that show up on hill16 every summer.


There are some things that can’t be said on a public forum, but I’m with the Lone Ranger on this one


Forgive my ignorance, but what are the rules in this, is it boxing or a compromise thing or UFC?


I think they came to a compromise alright. Split as much money as possible between them and their managers.
Shows how much boxing has fallen when this is the biggest gig in town.


They’re playing with round gloves in the first half and oval ones in the second half…


He is going to get the head slapped off him.


It’s actually quite comical.

Mc Gregor wasn’t even a half decent amateur and only fought in the Dublin leagues as a young fella not even at All Ireland level.

He’s not going to win that’s for sure as he punches on the counter attack but nobody counter punches Mayweather

It’s going to be a joke and if it was out the back garden I wouldn’t watch it.


That has a (boxing) ring to it… I’m not sure if that ring is square or octagonal.


No need to be so cagey …


Unless he gets unbelievably lucky and hits him with a one in a few hundred million $$$ shot … in which case there would surely be a lucrative rehash … I mean match …


There is no doubt that there will be a rematch either way.

Don’t know anything about him expect the stuff I see on tv, and one very interesting interview he gave on the radio before he set out for the states.

He does seem to be trying to corner the market in a certain type of support though.