Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Tipp hurlers on the tear with McGregor in Skerries on Sunday.


Yeah he’s suppose to be a sound lad, the rest being for show


Like Beeko and Rochey …


Well it wasn’t until 10pm that Ollie posted it, but by 11 the place was wedged. He arrived about 11.30 or so. No idea what time he left, but it was late, or early in the morning.

That mess going on across the road is down to a friend of yours??? :rage:

He only arrived out to Ollie’s place on Sunday night for a few drinks!

Thats exactly the way he came across and he took pictures with everyone who was waiting, and had a chat with most people that wanted one. Imagine if big Aido did that!




[quote=“Harper, post:124, topic:1379”]
That mess going on across the road is down to a friend of yours??? :rage:
[/quote]I actually don’t know which house he actually bought but it’s due for completion in a couple of months and I must take a spin past to see what “mess” you’re on about.


The house directly across from the entrance to Ollie’s Place is being done up at the moment. Constantly one of those big skips parked up outside along with a couple of the developer vans. Needs must, dont get me wrong, it’s not really a mess as such


Ah I know what you mean dude, as far as I know the work is on schedule so shouldn’t be too much longer.


Are you shure it was Mc Gregor… you weren’t hypnotised??


Not my cuppa tae…but #24 on the Forbes list is quite something…




Hope Mayweather boxes the head off him


Absolute horseshite! A bit like the the old wrestling between giant haystacks and big daddy!


Two of the most horrible human beings you could imagine , the amount of gobshites who will travel over to see that arsehole get knocked out in the first min , let them at it !!!


This is like choosing between Varadkar and Coveney, can’t they both lose?


I can understand why some people don’t like McGregor. But most of what he does is purely for show, it’s all about selling and entertaining (and some people are entertained by it).

You have to hand it to him though, 4 years ago he had not made his debut in the UFC and was on the dole, now he’s one of the highest paid sports stars in the world. It isn’t down to luck either, he has trained his hoop off for years to get to where he is.

Not sure I could take punches to the face daily as part of my job, no matter what I was being paid!


I don’t mind how much money he makes, I know he’ll blow it all by the time he’s 40.


I’d have said Trump and Putin


As I said before, Conor is not my cuppa tea (or UFC in general), but i am not your typical Irish begrudger either. Get that money, i say!
Not sure what his potential purse is but €60m puts you in the top 5 sporting earners in the world!! Incredible…

To compare these two guys in terms of TBF saying “two of the most horrible human beings you could imagine” is grossly unfair to McGregor.

The worst he is guilty of is lacking in class and humility (seems recurrent in that sport and the knuckledraggers that support it…see McGregor/Aldo press conferences). As someone says above, a lot of this could be bravado / show…

Mayweather on the other hand, has been accused of domestic violence on a number of occasions against the mothers of his children (among others) and convicted at least twice (afaik). He has also allegedly threatened the lives of his children as part of some of these altercations.
He is a truly disgusting human, and to me, anyone who is willing to line his pockets by buying a PPV to his fights, really needs to have their moral compass adjusted.

From a sporting perspective, this is a total SHIT SHOW! Mayweather is the greatest defensive fighter in history IMO. CMcG wont lay a glove on him and FM will play with him for 12 rounds and could basically do what he wants to him in that time. My only hope is that Conor is able to retire with all his faculties in tact, for the sake of his young family.


You obviously have no concept of his extra curricular activities .
Both of them complete twats