Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Reminds me of a funny blonde moment I had recently.

When I was watching the documentary series on OJ ‘The run of his life’ the misses was explaining to me that Rob Kardashian was the father of the reality TV family we have everywhere now. So i says to myself ‘Jaysis thats mad isnt it, and to think he’s a woman now an all. How things have changed for that family’

Needless to say Im still getting a slagging for it.


I’d sooner vote for Donald Trump


Yeah, especially as he’s been dead for over 10 years. :grinning:

Scarleh for ya !


Darts? The pantomime & the hype are a big part of it. Darts has the fun/costumes etc side to it. The heros in darts have always been somewhat anti-heros, superfluous even, given that it’s almost impossible to see what’s going on, it’s not an action sport, and most of the audience are either pissed and/or talking & having the crack throughout. But it does tend to last a while, though there are plenty of one-sided contests.

With boxing, it’s now long ago that it became more about the event, though people are still seriously taking a pounding, at times. In MMA they take more of a pounding. But it’s a bit hard to understand how a fighter at that level can be out of the fight after a matter of seconds, any top level fighter should be smart enough and sharp enough to at least defend him/herself for a couple of rounds, even when outmatched. And they really shouldn’t be all that outmatched, given how much time and effort go into arranging fights.


All that red would push you over the edge anyway wouldn’t it DIC?


I suppose the issue is, what are people measured against? If it lacks depth the bubble will burst. If it doesn’t, it won’t.


What, no Hurricane Higgins? Not only a supreme athlete but also a jockey to boot!

I’ve often wondered why Germany hasn’t been better at rugby, the physicality of it should suit them and yet Italians seem to like it more. Is it a class thing then? Germany doesn’t have the class divisions in the same extent that countries like France, Italy, UK & Ireland have.

Interestingly one of the biggest sports in Germany these days is Team Handball, which along with Ice Hockey is nearly as popular as soccer over there. Alot of the soccer fans I’ve met at Bundesliga games follow and/or participate in Field Handball in the better months of the year.


Think you answered your own thoughts there, they barely play rugby in germany, which is why they’re no good at it. More into team handball and wendyball. to be fair, they’re pretty good at wendyball.


I travel to germany with work all the time. The big cities have hundreds of soccer pitches. I’ve never seen a rugby pitch there.


Your list is fundamentally flawed …are u not aware this is rugby country and top 10 are all rugby players …only question is in what order …:imp:


Some craic Sunday night!



What you make of him ?
What did you make of him before he put skerries on the map


I think I would’ve walked out had I been there :joy:


Walked out to look at his car outside


[quote=“Bosco, post:114, topic:1379, full:true”]
Walked out to look at his car outside
[/quote]Those two big lumps of American shite that can’t corner, nah you’re grand :laughing:


If you can’t corner in Skerries you’re going nowhere …



To be fair, I was sideways, but from what I remember he was very down to earth and quite humbled by the whole thing, you would think he would have been well used to it by now.

You wouldn’t have been able to get out, or in. Place as wedged!


[quote=“Harper, post:118, topic:1379”]
You wouldn’t have been able to get out, or in. Place as wedged!
[/quote]Yeah, I heard as soon as word got out that he was around, it got a bit mad.

One of my friends is renovating one of the house across the road so hoping to making some more regular stops into Ollies after July.


What’s this now?