Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


A huge amount of Bandwagoners from Ireland on a Jolley. He does have a fan base also who would have followed Cage warriors and MMA for years.

He has a huge following from the UK + US who would be real UFC fans.


Never heard of it until he arrived on the scene but remember TV3 showing it a while back or it could have been 3E.


Was that not Loose Women?


dublin must be a safer place every time he fights judging by the airport in the few morning beforehand…

he’s milking the system, fair dues to him when there are clowns paying big money to create an industry as opposed to a sport but he appears to be an obnoxious parody of an “oirish star”


on the contrary, friend of mine works doors and says there’s a noticeable difference in attitude from punters on McGregor fight nights.


Both places are safer whenever he fights so :slight_smile:
Its like what the kerryman said about emigration:
’‘When an Irishman emigrates to Australia, the average intelligence of both countries increases’’


If McGregor was fighting in my back garden I would close the curtains.


Cant abide the man or the sport. He’s in the same category as this lot. Avoid like the plague.



Who are they ?


The Kardashians






Their Da got OJ off. That’s pretty much all you need to know. :wink:


What part of Kardashia are they from?


The backside . Of nowhere . No pics . Think of the children


K Cardassia Prime…like… in the Alpha…like… Quadrant, obviously. I mean like… duh…


[quote=“Dub09, post:94, topic:1379, full:true”]
What part of Kardashia are they from?

Mum and Dad are both from a town called Muff i believe .
Dad just moved there recently :blush:


Have they a diving club there?


And he was in friends


Or is it a pussy sanctuary?