Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Not sure if it’s been mentioned already but one thing that UFC has on boxing is that there’s no shame in submitting. A fighter can submit and that’s okay, he’ll go on to fight more big fights, no issue.
Although you can “throw in the towel” in boxing, it is so rarely done, and the boxer’s days would be pretty much over if it is.


A lot of people here see Conor at a press conference trying to be funny and obnoxious and think that’s him. He was quite complementary towards Alverz after the fight.

I like to see Irish people do well on a world stage. If he wasn’t cocky he wouldn’t be in the position he is in. He has changed UFC in terms of his training and the science behind it. His thought process and movement is second to none.

What he has between his ears in irrelevant. He has a good coaching team behind and a good management team behind him making big money for him and themselves in the process.

If anyone ever watches the UFC Embedded in the weeks leading up to his fights it’s usually all about him, these days he provides very little access because he promotes his own “Mac Life”. He has an emoji App people are buying was one of the top selling apps last week.

He has sponsorships with Monster and Reebok and I’m sure many more. He negotiates himself a decent wage and percentage of the PPV each fight. As much as he likes to spend you would like to think he is been advised well. He has the UFC over a barrel at the moment.

For me these days I prefer to watch UFC over Boxing. Maybe boxing has lost it’s spark or lack of big success from Ireland I’m not sure. But 12/15 rounds of lads making very little connection or combos is hard to watch. Lads rolling around a mat for 25mins like some fights is also boring in the UFC.

I take him with a pinch of salt. I respect what he is achieving for himself and his team but if your over the age of 12 and he’s your idol I would take a long look at myself.


Not even in the top 10 non GAA sports people (there is no shame in that btw)


  1. AP McCoy
  2. Sonia O’Sullivan
  3. Roy Keane
  4. George Best
  5. Joey Dunlop
  6. Padraig Harrington
  7. Rory McIlroy
  8. Katie Taylor
  9. Liam Brady
  10. Keith Wood


Honest Question - how are you putting Katie Taylor in there ?
and if its cos she won gold in the Olympics - then why is Sonia O’Sullivan in there ?


Katie was dominant in her division (60 kg)from 2005 to 2015 (world champion 06,08,10,12,&14, European champion in 05,06,07,08,09,10,11 &13).

Sonia O Sullivan was one of the foremost middle distance runners of all time in a very competitive global sport
Olympic silver, World Gold & Silver, 3 x European Gold & 2 x World Cross Country Gold

btw I’m not knocking McGregor, but I think he is behind these athletes in a list of great irish sports people, somewhere in the same part of the pecking order as Steve Collins would be


Fair enough - i just think his dominance in MMA in two different organisations winning at two different weight divisons is pretty impressive - also the fact that he doesn’t hide from fights when opponents pull out is to be admired - even if it is costly as it was against diaz first time around.


I don’t think anybody denies any of that.

But to be an Olympic silver medallist is a higher level in my view when you consider the volume of athletes O Sullivan had to be better then.

MMA is a niche sport practiced by very few athletes in comparison


I think he is a supreme athlete and obviously very driven. Time will tell a lot in respect of where UFC goes and CMcG’s place in it’s history.


Some really bizzarre comments on this thread. I dont want to repeat much of what has already been said but just wanted to mention a few things on some of the points been made.

On McGregors boxing skills, Id wager money that Conor Mcgregor can throw a left hook as hard as anyone at his weight in boxing. His overall technique is not going to be on the same level as a pro boxers but how could it be? Its silly comparing the two. In fact its impossible to compare. Most people will have watched boxing at some stage in their lives and may know a thing or two about it, but to think MMA is in anyway similar is madness. For a start the fighters dont even stand the same, there is no real orthodox/southpaw in MMA. Fighters are reffered to as one or the other but if you watch them they will change stances loads of times throughout the fight. and some will even be crouched with knees bent in jui jitsu style stance.

The obvious difference between a pro boxer and MMA fighter to me is head movement. MMA fighters by nature are much easier to hit than boxers. Combine this with 4oz gloves and your going to see a good fast and percise boxer knock people out in an octagon. You have athletes from all types of backrounds in it, BJJ Kickboxing, Judo Taekwondo, muay thai, wrestlig etc… none of them are pro boxers, nor do they try to fightt like one. A pro boxer wouldnt last ten seconds in the octogon.

To think that McGregor is not well rounded in the other martial arts is also way off the mark. Conor is a purple belt in BJJ. That is a high level in terms of ground fighting. He was locked in a cage with a black belt for 25 mins in his last fight and still won the contest. The time before that he was submitted by the black belt, but only when he offered him his back because Mcgregor was empty cardiowise. It was that or he was getting knocked out, nothing to do with Conors technique in grappling though. Also his coach is like the founding father of BJJ in Ireland, the first black belt in the country. He is not going to train anyone without a special emphasis on BJJ. Dillon Danis, another of McGregors coaches is one of the best BJJ practitioners in the world at 22 years of age. I dont expect people who dont practice BJJ to have a clue what they’re talking about when it comes to the sport and its been proven in here. You can wtch all the UFC you want but until you’ve learned some of the techniques and practice it yourself you wont have an appreciation for whats going on in a fight, hence the reason people find it isnt easy on the eye when two lads are just ‘rolling’ around the ground for 20 mins. This is also a reason, among others, that BJJ is not an olympic sport.

If people want to call Conor and his fans ‘thicks’ than thats a clearer reflection of themselves and their snobbery rather than him.


Horse racing, female boxing, and rugby union are also niche sports but McCoy, Taylor and O’Driscoll would make a lot of people’s top 10.


I never mentioned Taylor in fairness. I would agree with you on that .

Millions play rugby - can’t say millions practice MMA.

Horse racing - - wouldn’t agree there either. It’s not niche it’s practiced all over the world


Rugby union is largely a non event to 95% of the worlds countries, and horse racing wouldn’t have the participants globally that MMA has. They’re niche sports.


I would not claim to be a lifelong fan or know that much about it, but I do watch it when I can. McGregor is playing the game, and playing it well. From being broke, what, 4 years ago to being worth around $60 Million, you have to respect him for that, no matter how think he is. I personally get a great laugh out of the way he goes on and once he has the walk to back it up, keep it lit I say

Did anyone see the fight a few before it, Romero V Weidman? Romero won with a flying knee to Weidmans head. Holy shite, the blood was pouring out of him. Thats sort of injury would put me off watching to be honest


Yeah, it was very nasty. Personally I’d prefer if the knees to the head were outlawed. There was a terrible injury to Evangelista Santos in Bellator a few months ago from one.


Wow - first time I ever fainted when reading a thread! :skull_crossbones:


Horse racing does have a massive global following however rather than physical participants, much like motor sports.

McGregor is the kind of person who you can respect & dislike in equal measure, which is some achievement in its own right. The whole trash talk hype/build up leaves me cold tbh.


Really? I can send a link if you want to watch it


Swoooooooooooooooooon …


Not a fan, appeals to our most base impulses. Throw in the WWF nonsense and well, enough said.

Fair play to McGregor though, has a good thing going.


Would them lads that follow him be bandwagoners or would they be following the ould UFC and MMA since the 50s or whenever - when us Paddies was no good at it.