Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Think it was the American journo writing who called it the projects although I think mcgregor was happy to play along with it.


Well it is the Southside!!


He isn’t his brown one of us. ■■■■ that.


Your the one with silly “He one of our own and don’t dis your own crap”

So don’t be back tracking now and getting annoyed and using the old keyboard card .


did you suddenly wake up from a coma , moved on sunshine


Very intelligent


Who knew there was a statue of limitations on internet commentary…


I do like watching soccer! :slight_smile:


There isn’t , however there’s a right to get bored and move on


Wow. The thought police have a new leader!


damo has spoken CBB-Gemma-Collins-fight-840-630x473

whatevers, babe, bored now x


Not healthy lads to the tune from frozen Let it go , you must have more in your life , then again ?


at 3.20 on the friday of a bank holiday?