Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


From what I understand…he was stuck on social welfare growing up in Crumlin.

Maybe his upbringing wasn’t as hard as is made out?


Think he left Crumlin when he was quite young. His parents have a lovely house and have had for a long time in one of the nicer parts of Lucan.

The rags to riches thing is definitely overstated. Although the riches thing is quite extreme!


Money does not buy you class it seems, or manners, or humility. But been a ‘Jenny from the block’ seems to appeal to a lot of people.

Best thing McGregor can do is keep his head down and stay out of the limelight. Plenty a heavyweight boxer earned the same to only end up penniless and destituted through self destruction.


Look at the contrast between him and Philly! One is a role model and helps kids in his local area. One er…doesn’t. I’d also back Philly to win the fight, if they ever met.


McGregor problems are of his own making . Nothing to do with any background . His choice who he surrounds himself with .
Your views on Crumlin are way off the mark btw.
It’s far from a ghetto !


And he surrounds himself with people from a well known family.


I’m not defending McG…if anything I’m saying having worked so hard to get where he is, it’s an absolute shame if he makes a balls of his life.

As for Crumlin…I’ve never ever been there. Just an interview I read with McG saying what a tough neighbourhood he came from. Not sure if that was Conor laying it on thick.


Philly is no stranger to MMA so you could be onto something there!


The “projects” as I’ve heard him refer to it as


I read Mike Tyson’s book…now it was dysfunctional.

Not just his family life where his mother was a drug addict and prostitute - but where he grew up. It’s no exaggeration when he says boxing saved his life.

But I think no matter where you’re brought up here - it can’t be as bad as any of the ‘hoods’ in NY.

I think C McG exaggerates the ‘tough streets of Dublin’ a bit.


The espn article on it last year was embarrassing


NYC is safer than Dublin but NY’s “tough or rough” areas…projects or whatever you want to call them are more dangerous than Dublin. London has large areas that are complete kips with weekly stabbing deaths we never hear about.


I heard NY has statistically lower muggings than London. Apparently some credit goes to Rudy Giuliani when he was Mayor.

But Tyson was talking about the early 70’s in poor black neighbourhoods in Brooklyn.

Not to miss out on my own ‘hood’ stories…did I tell yis about the empty bottles of cider I saw outside the mean streets of Healy Park? Underage drinking for sure.


Just seeing this topic , never going to read back the 700 odd contributions, my thoughts on CM were he’s one of ours , never did your own in public , but god he’s made it very hard to defend with a straight face against the country cousins


He is a fucking scumbag. There is much you are not aware of


G’wanourradah !

He is no more one of “my own” than Jack The Ripper. :roll_eyes:

He’s a piss stain on the wonderful sports culture & history of our city. Wouldn’t dream of defending him…to anyone.


Nah, you’re grand thanks.


One of ours? It’s a city of a million and a half people, not the cúl de sac where ya grew up.

Or is it??


What a load of nonsense. Would that include if he killed someone?

He is definitely not one of mine. I’ve no interest in his “sport” and only know him because he’s a recidivist criminal.

Some time in jail would not be unwarranted. Might give him time to reflect on his behaviour.


Jesus calm the jets with the keyboard mcgregor impressions , I was talking about when he burst on the scene , I don’t like his sport and personally never liked him but when the country cousins who hate everything Dub and I mean everyid find myself despite myself and also for a chuckle defending him , now have a cuppa tea and relax