Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


That Octagon blog names people! How can they get away with that?!!


I’d imagine xx’s management know good solicitors, that guy will sued into the poorhouse.


Error, or are we chucking another name into the hat??


That’s one of the names bandied about on that Twitter feed, but yes, maybe edit the name out.


Well a certain someone was out all weekend in nightclubs usually frequented by 18-21 year olds, drinking a certain whiskey…


Screenshot of a text going round that says someone’s been arrested already…


Me too!!!


Should rename this thread to
McGregor- your cuppa Rohypnol?


Own brand?




You’ll do f*ckin nuffin

Perfect brand name


Must be the thongs fault again


Lads, the identity of the person involved has not been confirmed. Two people have been suggested here, at least one (and possibly both) of them is getting their name dragged through the mud for no reason.


Up again on road traffic charges. Just take his licence off him ffs


They have!!!
for a short while anyway!!!


According to news feeds, McGregor just had the latest motoring case against him struck out by a court. He was reported to be in Dublin District Court accused of uninsured and unlicensed driving but at the request of the gardai the case was struck out as his documents were produced in advance of the hearing.


How does that work? He never brought his docs to the station so a summons was issued. Then what?


He got it thrown out on the basis that he’s an upstanding member of his community


The only available offence would be failure to produce so a very small fine, assuming they summonsed him for it. Probably didn’t.


Are you talking about the Khabib fight?