Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


yeah heard that


Is he joining here?


Good piece with Coach Kavanagh in the Sindo by Kimmage this week - interesting considering the rumours today


What rumours?


check octagon blog on twitter. We probably have to be relatively careful here


If true, no surprise!


Ulster Rugby, Christiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, Big Ben, Ched Evans…

This is going to be messy…


All I see is a question there. Be very careful.


Judging what other posters have said here, or could have been in PM’s this really is not surprising


image image


I wouldn’t be 100% sure it is him. Hearing it could be a footballer


Heard him too. The British press would love if that was true what with all the poppy nonsense.


All gingers look the same to me shocker :open_mouth:




Also heard it was a footballer. Suppose nobody really knows until it’s confirmed. Could be much ado about nothing. If it is our south side slugger friend he is truly done for you would imagine




Why would he have been in town?


Stoke players were over on a Christmas party


At least two names being bandied about now. Who knows - it may not be either of them but it certainly can’t be both. But damaging all the same. No due process any more - not good.


Indeed, remember whoever it is, this is just an accusation at this point.