Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Ya can thank twitter for that for giving them an easier , quicker , click bait forum. No longer do we have to sit around & wait for these columns in the papers . Sure Ewan , from his lair in Brazil , seems to be privy to more info than the ordinary joe soap in ireland.


Yep. Ive said it many times. It’s an open sewer.

On the positive though, folk like Ohm can keep tabs on the Whitehall hurlers and the Senior B, so it can’t be all bad :wink:


Ohm is a good lad and is a true Dub supporter!


My problem with the MMA type stuff is that it seems to have given an outlet to a lot of lads that want more than the more disciplined forms of martial arts. The more traditional forms always led us to believe that if a lad joined a club thinking that he was going to get agro and violence he was in the wrong place, in fact it has always been said that they are ideal for helping young kids with high energy levels to learn to control themselves and I believe these sports are very good for that purpose.
I feel there must have been an element that were not satisfied with the more disciplined forms and wanted to go further and there was clearly a market for it.
I accept that the trash talk and the press conferences are all a circus, but when you have a guy on the ground and your are thumping the head off him and at the same time shouting at him to “Talk now”, well IMO it is simply no different to a fight in the street. You are not doing that for the circus, you are doing it because you have built up a hatred for your opponent and that is not sport IMO.


Sounds like your average Sunday on the Hill!! :smirk:


The hatred for the opponent is justified on the hill:)


I am just going to keep it to McGregor for context. I 100% believe he hates none of his opponents and it is just a soap opera created to make him lots of money.

He is unrivalled with his ability to market himself and his fights. Remember, his market is the US and they lap that stuff up.

Now I do agree you have your stereotypical eejits now joining MMA clubs across the country. Eejits without a brain cell or the discipline to appreciate martial arts as a sport.


As I said I accept all the shite that goes in the press confernces etc is part of the show, but not so sure that Khabib taunting him while beating the head off him comes into that bracket, seemed a much more personal thing.


mcgregors words aim to create hype at the press conferences and get into the head of the opponent. Normally not an issue when you win.


Absolutely, I never said any different !


I fully agree about khabib but I was talking solely about McGregor. I would put majority of fighters in the bracket of realising it is just hype.