Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


So happy mc Gregor was bet , He is a great athlete but an embarressment and doesnt represent genuine Dublin people. ,He is slur on great Dublin sports people of the past with his conduct .
Khabib has been hung out to dry on this. His life in Dagastan was hard. They were re housed and feared for their lives because of invasion. Dana White smirked as mc Gregor acted like a knacker attacking the bus. they then ran footage of the incident to promote the fight.
Mc Gregor then showed his ignorance about an areas history slagging of Dagastan and bringing in Chechnyan references. , he should know better about a countries history of being invaded .
Mc Gregor then cowardly and systemactically slaggs of Khabibs father to get a reaction,

Then during the fight Dillon Dannis (one of mcgregors sidekicks ) roars ant Muslim abuse at Khabib for outside the cage ,
Khabib then easily wins the fight , his anger at being disrespected comes to the fore and he reacts . Dana white expresses outrage at Khabibs antics .
They created THE FIREBALL.


Massive respect for Joe Brolly for this:


Although I agree with brolly in the main here, I do admit that I would very much enjoy hearing that audio from the second round. Perhaps that’s why it should be reformed?


Very interesting about McGregor “systematically” slagging off Khabib’s father. I’m sure you wouldn’t make something up, so be very interested to hear more on this? I only heard about a single off the cuff remark when it was mentioned that he’d trouble getting through US customs, to which McGregor in his typical juvenile Dublin humour said something along the lines of it being because his Dad was smelly.

McGregor only brought up Checnya with regard to Khabib’s known links to criminals - one of his Khabib’s high profile and wealthiest supporter is in a whole lot of bother for the way he illegaly built his empire and McGregor jumped on that.

Here’s classy Khabib in action slagging a homeless person

To say Danis was shouting at ringisde is true. To say he was making anti-Muslim remarks is false.

While McGregor was just about able to look after himself in the aftermath, and got two slaps in, the fact that Khabib’s goons jumped into the Octagon and went after him (and one caught him solid with the most cowardly attack you could ever wish to see) after he suffered a very bad defeat is just pure scumbag action. Attacking a fighter whose just suffered a painful and harrowing defeat! What pure filth.

I appreciate that McGregor and his goons are well up to be criticised for some of their actions, but anyone who puts Khabib on a pedestal is ill informed at best.


I wouldn’t put Khabib on a pedestal . I’ve absolutely no doubt that Money used to fund the gym and him are from dodgy to say the least characters , if Russian money ffs.
But If all you can find is Mc Gregor calling Khabib father smelly then I think that says it all.
Poor defenseless Conor was fine attacking a bus with a few Dublin cronies with him .
So give me a break .


Fine, so they are both shitheads.


The bould Conor throwing around the criminal associates stick at Khabib the absolute irony


No fan of McGregor or mma but the arguments Brolly puts forward are similar to what people used to say about boxing ( probably still do but mma has replaced it as it’s bogeyman). Regarding the sledging gaa games should be banned too if that’s the case. Appears to be about what Brolly can or can t stomach. Banning mma won t cure the ills of society. I ve seen John Kavanagh interviewed and always thought he was a smart and decent enough guy , surprised he gets involved in the circus side of these things.


Funniest part of Brolly’s piece was his reference to the mother of one of his online abusers contacting him to apologise for the brat’s bad behaviour :grinning:

On more serious note, banning the thing would only drive it back into its underground origins from its current “respectability” - greatly boosted by the movie Fight Club I would guess. There will always be creatures who enjoy this monstrosity just as many of similar types engage in dog fighting, badger baiting, and other salubrious pass times. Whether it is legal or not.

The one reason I would distinguish between banning mma and the abuse of animals is that humans can choose whether to take part in or watch mma. Animals have no such choice. Having it legal is probably the lesser of evils.


No sure banning it will work as above said it would only drive the sport underground and make it even more dangerous.

It is worrying though…younger lads love it and say to take a group of young lads on a night out, filled with alcohol and/or drugs…they get brave and take risks…with this “sport” in their mind…someone could get killed.


Should a sport be banned because of its supporters?

Some of the soccer ultras/hooligans behaviour is up there with the worst.


If you’re banning MMA you’re banning boxing and a few other sports imho.


Think there is a case for banning any sport where the objective is to willfully inflict bodily harm on your opponent, not saying it should be banned, but there is a solid argument. I also dont go along with the " Its their own decision" because with that argument we could allow Russian roulette or whatever, you will always get people willing to do anything if the price is right


Too much $$$ involved , won’t happen .


I don’t think it should be banned and take your point about some soccer supporters, but in fairness soccer players rarely engage in the sort of no holds barred thuggery of mma!

As for boxing, it can be argued that -like proper martial arts - it has strict rules to prevent what is let’s face it the sort of thing you see in street fights, other than the mma thugs are much better conditioned and unlikely to be out of their faces.


That’s a bit OTT to be honest. Would you consider Philly ‘McMahon a “creature”? Or does he get a pass? He trained and competed in it.


Absolutely it won’t, it’s just Brolly’s usual shite. Nothing to write about so let’s pick a cause. Daft stuff if you’re only going to go after one sport where people get their heads battered as opposed to all of them.

In fact when you look at the issues in the NFL there’s a far more compelling case for banning that than MMA.


Some of the stuff coming out about CTE in the NFL is shocking .And the worst part is the powers that be tried to cover it up . There’s ex players committing suicide because of the effects of it . That’s the problem with the yanks , can’t be diluting the “manly game” but its grand when these guys end up like vegetables so these muppets can get boozed up & watch a group of lads knock seven shades if shit out of each other.
.The penny is dropping though with a younger generation of parents seeing the evidence now & pushing their kids to play less intensive games like soccer .


No. It should be banned as it’s just a form of P.E. for supposedly adult scobes. The participants are scobes. The fans are scobes. Let it go underground…away from the eyes of children and nice people. Let the scobes beat each other up in the early hours in remote fields like the pikeys do. A perfect solution.


Brolly wants MMA banned. McKenna wants the Dubs banned. Every journo on a crusade it seems. Race to the bottom. Brolly should stick to the barrister game. More than enough money and notoriety in it.