Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Would there be more medical controls in the run up to combat sports? Whereas in field games there’s no direct blood tests done for infectious diseases?


From what I can see on google, in general a blood test within 6 months of the fight is accepted, a lot can happen in 6 months.


is there any such requirement for a field sport?


I was being facetious regarding the reference to the actual participants. They are presumably not coked out in the vicinity of the White brokered brawls.

It is clear, however, as the linked story above proves and anyone unfortunate enough to have come into contact with the creatures who form the entourage and ringside followers of this abomination will know, that it is heavily linked to the worst sort of scum wherever it is popular.

Someone also makes the point that bad and all as the Dublin scum are, and they are a blight on the city, they are in the Northern Conference of sumbaggery compared to their EPL “betters” in Chicago and Moscow and such even worse kips.


No idea, but the difference between a 6 month old test and no test is very slight, giving the age group and kind of lads you are dealing with.


How often would you test people as a matter of interest?

How do you legislate for two fellas in a field sport clashing heads and both being opened up. Surely the same level of risk applies there, two open wounds in close proximity. They’ve already been exposed to the risk before they are ushered off the field.


An Jaysus @HawkEye do you think two GAA lads who burst their heads in a split second collision are going to start rubbing their bloody heads together???!


I think you are missing my point, all I am saying is that it seems strange that in some sports you are not allowed to continue , while in others it does not seem to be an issue and surely the risk would be higher in a sport where two lads are clinging on to each and often end up splattered with their opponents blood. Not saying who is right, but it is a bit contradictarary


Listen without qualified medical knowledge I don’t think either of us know for certain what the risks are and how likely or in what circumstances any blood disease could be passed on. However Blood Sports are called blood sports for a reason, and GAA, Soccer and Rugby are called field sports.

All I’m saying is, there must be adequate care taken and enough preventative measures in place to make sure any blood diseases aren’t present and spread during all the years combat sports have existed. Otherwise it’s something we’d have heard a lot more about.


Have you never seen CSI Miami, after a split second collision you could come away with his blood, a pube and some croke park dirt under your finger nails! :grinning:




Granted i see your posts regarding 6 month certs - the time frame might seem long , but its prob a best practice timeline.

suppose , its risk based and the rules are made around that - occurrence, severity and detection approach.

How often will there be two lads cutting each other in a soccer match or gaa match -
occurrence would be low severity (type of infection) and detection (blood tests) unknown - as im assuming your not having weekly blood tests.
so risk wise - its prob not going to happen however the potential risks are unknown so your off the pitch

MMA/Boxing , occurrence would be high, severity low , levels of detection high.
So its prob going to happen , you cant control that - but what you can control is that the fighters are free from infection via blood tests. so blood splatter away.


Not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone, as I am no expert, just seems strange the difference in criteria


I read somewhere (this thread??) That his corner were telling him not to do something but he just went in and did it anyway and his opponent was delighted.


Foolish if that was the case - but he wouldn’t be the first person to ignore instructions from a corner or sideline in the history of sport.


I think I saw that during the fight, I think after the 3rd round, Kavanagh was telling him to stay on his feet and something else and McGregor didn’t look like he was listening to a word he was saying, more interested in eyeing up Kahbib and throwing verbals


I think by the nature of grappling it will nearly always win out against striking if the grappler is aloud get a hold of his opponent at all. Surely the tactic was to catch Kabib on his way in? Not once did Mcgregor lay a hand on him when he was going for the takedowns. Easier said than done I suppose.


I can recall after one of the rounds (pretty sure round 2) Kavanagh telling McGregor to let Khabib come to him and then to try to counter him. No sooner had the bell rang that McGregor was on the front foot again.


I think Kavanagh told him to stay outside the black line. Wanted him up against the cage so Khabib wouldn’t be able to wrestle him as well on the ground


Not a big fan of the sport. I’d imagine it proves jujitsu style combat is the most effective style of fighting. Boxing, as cruel as it is, is far more entertaining imo.