Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


My daughter was involved in judo which is actual traditional martial art. Its values are sportsmanship, respect and humility. Which is perhaps why it does not attract gangs of coked out drug dealing scum. Not to mention the people to go to see it!


I’ve a nephew competing in krav maga & he certainly doesn’t fall into that category. It may appeal to scumbags all right but your tarring everybody with the same brush , it has actually been very beneficial for him & a great outlet & hobby . He has no interest in soccer or gaa or any field sports for that matter. Never has but he is absolutely addicted to this . He doesn’t care much for McGregor either.


I remember going to my first jui jitsu session in a gym in cabra. I was expecting all sorts of mcgregor wannabes to be there. A few months in and I mentioned this to the coach and he said oh we had all those type of guys in at different times, they never last. They simply don’t be able for the commitment and underestimate how hard it’s gonna be, not to mention the fact they started for the wrong reasons.


The trash talk sells the tickets and ppv.
Same with boxing to a lesser extent

He always goes too far.
He got his arse handed to him.


Basically for me he isn’t an evil person or anything like that but just a bit of a scumbag. That’s all well and good but his unfortune came in the fact that the sport is worldwide and lets be honest Ireland is quite tame compared to other countries. He can rock around town all he likes with his big tattooed matesall throwing shapes and being gangsters bit there are many lads that he is coming into contact with who are. It at all fazed by that. It started with the Diaz brothers. I remember his mate Cowley going on about having tough childhoods in rough areas- the fucker is from ballybrack or something I think it said in that same article, which is hardly comparable to Stockton. They didn’t give a shit about the antics of McGregors crew at all and were unfazed. Then Khabib and his lot where another step up- again the goings on in Dagestan are hardly comparable to South Dublin, even the roughest parts of it. McGregor still came in with the gangster attitude along with his crew and the result was Sunday morning.

As a quick aside I hope people are aware the UFC is just an organisation and not the sport in general. That being the case, all the fighters in the UFC where raised and brought up under those ideas of respect and sportsmanship in their respective field, be it judo, taekwondo, kickboxing etc. MMA doesn’t attract coked up drug dealing scum(any more than other sports) it’s the Conor spectacle that does that.


So really what we’ve learned is that SSers are a bunch of windbag wannabe hardchaws?


53 Conor McGregor fans were prevented from leaving Dublin Airport to attend Las Vegas defeat


The fighters undergo medicals, part of those medicals is clearance from hepatitis and HIV. If they haven’t got clear medicals they won’t be licenced to fight in the state they are applying to fight in.


there is all sorts of talk of a rematch but really will it be a big sell? the rematch has all the looks of Carlow -v- Dublin, entertaining enough for for the first half and then mc Gregor will tap out again. he has lost three of his last 5 fights, his attitude is writing cheques his ability cant cash.


I would think that is a plus in his favour. A guy who has lost the last 3/5 and still able to command megabucks.


well, it was two out of four before saturday which is slightly better, and there was all the hype from bus gate.


I think you can disregard the boxing farce against Floyd. That was a pure money making exercise for both of them. I don’t think you’d blame anyone for accepting 100m for an exhibition.

He’s lost 1 fight in the UFC since making history in becoming the first person to holds belts in two divisions simultaneously. He’ll still be a draw and I think a rematch would be huge.

He signed a 6 fight deal apparently so he’s got 5 left, he’ll probably have one or two other fights then they’ll set up the Khabib rematch for 12 months time…


Not very serious though is it? I mean from the time the test is done to the fight anything can happen, from what I can see in MMA a six month old cert is considered valid.


I’m open to correction but I’d imagine it’s exactly the same as the standard set on other sports and I’d imagine there is a medical reason for any duration of clearance. For example the licences for fights in Vegas are issued by the Nevada State Athletic Commission not by the UFC. The UFC abide by any rules the commission set down.

Granted each state might apply different rules but you can be pretty sure no state commission will leave itself open to a huge lawsuit if a boxer or MMA fighter contracts HIV and the commission are found to have issued clearance to the fighter who infected them with HIV.

In any case, isn’t it so that even I’m pricked with a needle today, it can take up to 6 months for me to get the results back on whether I’ve been infected or not? So even if fighters were tested weekly/monthly you’d still be in the dark at some stage waiting on results.


It is not the same in other sports, a medical cert is not enough in GAA for example, if you start to bleed on the pitch you have to leave, same in Soccer, Rugby… and I imagine the reason is that a test done a few months previous is not a gaurantee of anything.


Listening to John Kavanagh on the Joe Rogan podcast and Rogan made a very good point. He said when Tyson Fury returned to boxing he isn’t flung in with Joshua straight away, he fights these “tune up” fights to get himself back to his best before fighting the big name. That is not the ufc way at all. Mcgregor was 2 years out of the sport and I imagine that was a big factor in his dismal performance the other night. He should really have eased his way back in and maybe fought a petis type fighter along the way to test where he’s at before going in with Kabib.
I still think he would have lost, but even his stand up was very sloppy and it’s normally exceptional.

Mcgregor is a brown belt BJJ, one off black. Given that I don’t know how in two fights that he lost he has voluntarily given up his back to his opponent both times. It’s the golden rule of grappling. You would really wonder about his prep for this fight, not once did he attempt to knee or catch kabib in anyway when he shot for the take downs. He played right into his hands. I couldn’t see him been as bad again if there was a rematch.


Clearly it’s not the same for GAA, I meant combat sports. There are doctors ringside in combat sports who will assess cuts and bleeding and they have the final say. For example, if a cut is bad and the blood is flowing in to the eye the fight will be stopped.

As I said I’m no medical expert but I’m fairly sure that all the necessary is done to ensure no fighters with blood diseases are stepping in to the ring or octagon. If that wasn’t the case we’d surely have seen huge controversies over the year and massive law suits.


Is there a difference in Ulster :thinking: :grin:


All Sean Cavanagh had to do was tap out!


Doctors at ringside can assess damage, but not the risk of infection, it is clear that they are far more leniant in combat sports, but one has to ask why a player has to leave the field in a football due to the risk of infection, but in combat sports blood does not seem to be an issue, either somebody is over reacting or somebody is turning a blind eye, probably a bit of both.