Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


But it’s his antics and the acting the bollox that is the point of the thread. For every Irish person who likes him there are plenty of Irish who are embarrassed by him. As a working class dub I find the antics of a middle class Lucan boy risible. The appearances on American tv in particular are cringe , the playing up of a stereotype that should be dead in the water . The sport itself I don t like but that’s just my personal taste.


There was a couple of fights before it that were savage . I’m not a fan at all really either but the finishes were highly entertaining . At least something is happening in these fights unlike boxing which is snooze fest ATM .
But the brutality of it needs to be highlighted. How they are allowed to pummel guys / girls on the ground is crazy . Its not fighting then , its GBH.


Dont they call it ’ ground and pound '?? Its disturbing to look at , it like lads knocking the crap out of each other outside a chipper at 3 in the morning .


Yeah , its relentless . What’s just as bad is the elbows as well . There was a fight , two fights before the McGregor one , involving Derrick Lewis & some Russian i think . It was a weird match up. Lewis looked seriously over weight compared to the other guy . He was gassed & looked easily like losing the fight on points .Then he hits the guy with a hay maker . Down he goes , but then he’s allowed to go to town on this guys head . The slow motion replays were shocking .The Russian was sparked & you could see he was lights out but Lewis was allowed to keep going pounding him with blows . What’s allowed in a fight is way over the top.


Whatever about the fight, I did watch it and though it was decent and Khabib is just subhuman bear wrestler, 27-0.

The clown Irish drunken idiots with Tricolours attached to them getting knocked out by Russians for acting the boll@x. Embarrassing the nation, absolute clowns and not a tough boy amongst them, the tough last were playing Football and hurling over the weekend, not those muppet fan boys

I had a saying for years, Don’t ever F@ck with the Russians… Or Chechens in this case.


As brutal as this sport is made out to be. Since McGregor made his debut in April 2013, 19 people have been killed in the same period on the Isle of Man TT circuit and there isn’t a peep about it or the safety. There’s a huge level of hypocrisy in the media over the safety and concern for competitors safety in MMA.

I’m no McGregor lover, I enjoyed his rise to the top but over the past 12 months I’ve grown tired of him. I was glad Khabib defeated him. It might go some way to saving him from himself.

As for the idiots getting involved in fights, pure stupidity but again it’s not only an MMA thing. Plenty of fights at soccer matches, boxing events and even at GAA from time to time.


There was a questionmark over Khabib’s 26-0 record, only on the basis of he’d arguably never fought a real top-class fighter. He’d never even lost a round in UFC on official cards, so that’s the one small consolation for McGregor, as he was given the third. But even then, there was no real hope of a comeback. Khabib was different class and you’d have to think he’d beat McGregor anytime/everytime.

As I said earlier, Khabib is a nasty, horrible, individual. His “Ulster club football” after-fight reaction by himself and his mob highlighted that. And he’ll pay.

Ferguson v McGregor for the vacant title will be next up, I’d guess. McGregor will be underdog again, but at least he’ll have a fighting chance as Ferguson is more stand-up in style.


Was going to post this in the Good News Stories thread, but I guess it fits here just the same…

Was delighted to read the story over the w/e of the Guards pulling lads off planes at Dublin Airport heading out to Vegas. Apparently they we’re heard questioning “da boyz” how they could afford 30k between them, with them on the dole!! :policeman:t2:




Good few of them refused at US immigration in Dublin as well apparently


Was on the front of one of the red tops on Sat…then a work colleague of mine confirmed it from a first hand mate who was on the plane.


I think a lot of people question Road racing due to the danger, but even at that I don’t think it is a valid comparison. The lads on the bikes don’t go out to cause damage to themselves or anyone else, whereas in UFC thing the whole idea is to keep beating your opponent until the ref stops you.


Well the ref steps in when you cant defend yourself anymore.


Do they? … I rarely if ever have heard it questioned. I was actually stunned at the number that had been killed in the Isle of Man in the last 5 year. Something like 270 deaths there alone since they started racing. Imagine if all Motorbike road racing was accounted for, there must be literally thousands of deaths on record.

One guy died tragically in Dublin last year and some of the shite in the media was unreal, every asshole had an opinion and was suddenly qualified to express it.

From time to time, some of the blows are brutal but for the most part it’s all controlled and well refereed. The guys competing are trained professional mixed martial artists. They literally do it for a living and are trained to take hits.

It looks awful outside a chipper at 3am and I hate seeing fights on the street but it’s in no way fair to compare it to MMA like a lot do. And isn’t the objective you stated above exactly what they do in boxing too? (beat their opponent until they KO them or till the ref stops it?).


I actually think there were a few on here recently who said they had given up going to road racing as there simply too many deaths and they couldnt justify it. As regards boxing, it too has a lot of question marks, but they don’t usually have to be litterally dragged off their opponents. As regards being trained to take blow, thumps in the head cause damage to anyone . Another thing I dont get is why in most sports you cant continue if you are bleeding, blood doesn’t seem to be a issue here


The problem UFC has is that while the run of the mill events are just normal anything now involving mc Gregor has a very nasty taste to it. People say he is giving the sport great publicity but the publicity is all negative really.


Is there such a thing though … in reality we all have short memories:

Cantona jumped two footed in to the crowd to nail a supporter and people were appalled, worst thing ever to happen how can football recover it’s image etc etc … 20 years on it’s booming!

Mike Tyson bit off his opponents ear and spat it on the ground. Again, Boxing is doomed, this is the end, it’s disgusting… Boxing is still making millions … more PPV events than ever.

Just like the scenes at the end of the fight on Saturday. It was nonsense and shouldn’t have happened. It leaves a sour taste from a really good event. The press conferences were unfunny and crass from McGregor, I felt he’d lost his wit and was just coming across as a classless twat…

All that aside… if they decide to do Khabib v McGregor 2 … it’ll be the biggest selling PPV ever for the UFC, I’ve no doubt … It may even be the fight they need to really do something big in Russia…


In fairness blood doesn’t mean too much. You can bleed like f#$k from a small cut. Saying that there are doctors present and if the blood seems excessive he or she gets called in and the fight is stopped until doctor either allows it to continue or calls it off. It happened the weekend with the Ferguson vs Pettis fight.

End of the day McGregor is a tramp and has been from the start in my opinion, no matter what John Kavanagh tried to say about him being a nice guy. His side kick Dannis is a clown also who, after watching his mate who is a better fighter than himself get mauled for 3 and a half rounds, decided to then goad and call out Khabib and Khabib(wrongly) answered him.

I find it hilarious to see the aforementioned fools who follow McGregor everywhere sticking up for him so staunchly. When all is said and done you cannot make things as personal as he does and then say ah sure it was only banter. Banter was the shit he done to Mendes and Siver maybe but it has become more and more personal with him and it culminated with Khabib. It was eventually gonna come back to bite him when some people were crazy enough to say you’ve taken it too far and put it up to him


It’s not the amount of blood - it’s blood - HIV etc etc.


Agree with that. All the big names in martial arts have come out in support of kabib since. Especially because he spoke about how it’s supposed to be a sport of respect and not a thrash talking one.

Ariel Helwani played a clip on his instagram of an interview with McGregor from 2 weeks ago when he was saying this fight is only the start of it and things like “him and his crew need to watch their step and where they sleep” an all this shite. Who doesn’t he think he is bleedin Al capone or something