Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Don’t like the sport, not mad about the guy but I don’t begrudge him anything - fair play to him. Not sure many here are begrudging him either in fairness.

He could win another 4 belts and I doubt he’d be in my top 20 Irish sportspeople but that’s just my opinion. Each to their own.


I take your points but I don’t think it’s a million times harder to become a boxing world champion. Firstly, there are several world champions in each weight class. With all due respects to Bernard Dunne and Andy Lee I don’t think they’re special boxers but they achieved world champion status.

I hear a lot of people, particularly boxing fans that compare it to MMA and mention how these UFC guys wouldn’t go far in pro boxing. I don’t really get that. The sport is not boxing. Frampton wouldn’t last a round in an MMA fight against McGregor and vice versa McGregor would be beaten badly were they ever to face off in a boxing ring.


But you’re missing my point. Mc Gregor wins his bouts through his “boxing” skills. These boxing skills wouldn’t last 2 minutes with Frampton.

MMA is not a mass participation sport so it’s far easier to get to the top then boxing. Far easier.

Each to their own but I would rate all those boxing champions ahead of him.

He’s a millionaire based on his ability to hype the fights and good luck to him with that. But most of the MMA fighters are paid badly and the sport was a virtual non entity until he came along.

Once he gets beaten and eventually retires it’s hard to see whose going to pick up the slack.


I’m talking about is global stardom and where he is in his field versus the rest compared to other Irish sports people. That was in response to people suggesting it was a joke to put him up there with our greatest.

He wouldn’t make my top 5 personally either but that isn’t relevant to where to where I’m coming from here.


I’m not sure MMA is as globally popular as the ringmasters of MMA would have us believe.

Now you’re mixing global stardom and him up among our greatest yourself! Neither I say.


You’re the one missing the point. Once again you’re doing exactly what I said a lot of boxing fans do and are trying to compare him against a boxer. It’s not a fair comparison. It’s not his field. He doesn’t train day in day out to be a boxer. You have to be well rounded in all disciplines of MMA. Being strong at boxing but weak elsewhere will not be enough to win you a belt.


When I see him regularly using the other disciplines then I’ll agree with you. But he’s been submitted 3 times which suggests outside boxing he isn’t superior to his opponents . He outboxes everybody

Your the one trying to claim he’s a superstar in a niche sport that very few people participate in . He’s a superstar because of the money he earns and the social media obsession people have with him . Good luck to him with that

Compared to global sports like soccer , golf etc . I think it’s a daft suggestion though .


I’m not mixing anything up. I separated both at the beginning. My point was and still is that McGregor is a global star and he’s top of his own field.

Would it be accurate to say that most boxing fans around the globe would have heard of McGregor even in countries that may have no interest in the UFC? Sure Mayweather is talking about him every other week. Do people not think that this is making news worldwide? Personal views on McGregor and the sport are clouding judgements here.


So you’re agreeing with me that he’s a superstar and you couldn’t disagree that he’s top of his own field.

We’re not going to agree on what I assume you believe is a largely non skilled sport that pro boxers could turn to and master quite easily but that’s ok. Each to their own.


Maybe so or perhaps your own judgement is getting clouded in the extreme opposite way to those you seek to convert.

I will butt out here though because while I begrudge him nothing I personally have no regard for the sport or the man himself in the way he behaves. Unfortunately it ties in with the way the world seems to be heading …


Perhaps but for the record I’m not his biggest fan, I don’t like a lot of what comes out of his mouth and I cringe at some of the Irish fan footage around his fights. I just think some people on here not interested in the sport are very much underselling what he’s achieved and don’t understand how well known throughout the globe is. I suspect to some that has painted me as one of those idiots that try to model themselves on him.


Ah Jaysus Judy stop lol. Unless you have a goatee??? It’s all about what you’re into. Many Irish people have been octo-champs on Countdown!!


The global thing is hard to judge, as there are very few sports stars that are globally known, I mean lots of top soccer players would be unknown in the USA, I would say Golf, Tennis and Formula 1 are probably the three sports that are really global, well the participants would be known all over.
The bottomline on Mc Gregor is that he is clearly the best at his game, but his game is not all that well known around the world. I mean even in Ireland I would like to se how many people could name ten fighters.


Well I can tell you if I mentioned any of the ones you mention above in Asia they would not have a clue who you were taking about …and giving Ireland as a clue would not help much either )))))))))))…but in the last 2-3 year when Ireland or Irish comes up his name comes up a lot and for some reason he is extremely popular…

Going back the original question I am not a fan at all of the sport but bloody hell this guy is impressive at what he does …yeah he trash talks a lot but puts his money where his mouth is and his mouth is bloody big enough…

If people don’t like him or the sport or even some don’t recognize him or his sport than fine you do not have to listen to him or watch the sport but I think its a bit righteous to comment on his or his fans intelligence …can tell u a lotta rugby heads for example would rate us true gaels for either our sport or intelligence so lets not be so arrogant and leave each to their own

As I said I am not a fan of the sport but if anyone of you can shows me where 2 men stood up to each other like his last fight v Diaz then pls share

Repeat I am not a fan but I do admire him


Like it or loathe it MMA. Is becoming box office. Maybe not for sporting reasons. But It attracts a voyourism among Celebrities. It’s getting big in Australia. Ireland , Russia Poland to name a few countries
Mc Gregor would be well known.


Nobody is disputing that it’s not a global sport but McGregor is widely known worldwide. His star shines brighter than the UFC. As I said before any boxing fans would know who he is and that reaches most parts of the globe.

Just read Heaslip’s tweet saying he’s our greatest sportsman ever. Only his opinion of course but carries some weight given he played alongside O’Driscoll week in week out for 10+ years. Don’t think many would have him outside our top 10 of all time.

With regard to it being a minority sport I don’t dispute that. However, Katie Taylor was spoken about by many as our greatest sport star in recent times. But for Pete playing away she’d have probably taken home the gold in Rio and these claims grown even stronger. Most would struggle to name 3 other female boxers.


Can you not add Jackie Jameson to that list?


I wouldn’t equate Heaslip’s alleged wisdom comparable to his on field exploits. Having met Heaslip publicly a few times I wouldn’t be rushing to meet him again

Nobody disputes Mc Gregor’s popularity. But being popular never won the heart’s of anybody for credibility.

He is a low base individual who doesn’t conduct himself well inside or outside the ring .

That doesn’t mean he isn’t talented, rich or popular.

Maybe his fans should stop looking for his credibility and accept him for what he is - a very talented, rich sportsman who hasn’t much between his ears and conducts himself like a circus clown most of the time.


Have a look at the clip for UFC 1 - its amazing to see it in its infancy and how the fighters lined up. No rules back then and i can remember being on my honeymoon in the states in 2008 and turning away from the screen when it was on in the pub, because it was too brutal for me. It has evolved over the years and is something i will watch.

Mcgregor talks the talk - it sells the show, if he was your typical quiet Irish lad well then he’d still be waiting down the line. People are on about boxing here, can there be a more corrupt sport , 4 divisions ?? and the same level of childish bull shit that goes on. Anyway dont want to be pitching one sport against the other here.

To me , i heard about mcgregor when the lads from off the ball covered his first UFC fight - i watched his next fight where he was well in control and in the second round torn his ACL - he changed his style and worked his ground game to win that on points - for me - he wasn’t all talk after all that performance.

The sport is not everyone’s cup of Tea - But credit where its due to mcgregor.


“a very talented, rich sportsman who hasn’t much between his ears and conducts himself like a circus clown most of the time”

I don’t disagree with any of that. However, others on here are disputing his talent and global fame. In relation to the circus clown bit you would probably agree that it’s all designed to make noise and hype his fights. We can all hazard a guess but I don’t think anyone other than those close to him really know what he’s truly like as an individual outside of his public persona.