Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Mcgregor deserves to be labeled a thug but calling the ufc and the martial artists that compete as a bunch of thugs is an uninformed and ignorant comment. 90% of them are highly trained disciplined athletes that show their opponents the upmost respect.


The bould Conor is no Stranger himself to shite like this after a fight

Absolute Thug. The sooner he fucks off the better an embarrassment to Irish sport


Not saying they arent well trained etc, but this is supposed to be the elite side of the sport and it turns into a gang brawl, the reason this kind of thing happens is that organizers actually encourage with hyped up weigh ins and press conferences where it seems anything from racial insults to throwing bottles is allowed. In most other sports they would get a long ban


The ufc and Dana white in particular have a lot to answer for in this situation. How they allowed that bus attack to be part of the build up to this fight is beyond me. They got their commupence in that respect I agree. The thing is, Mcgregor has been their cash cow for a long time now. He has transformed the sport and they can’t have it every way with him. He generates the interest so they never tried to rein him in, I imagine going forward that will change for him and al future events.

As I said previously I’m no defender or fan of Conor’s or anything like it but the scenes at the end were nasty. He was in a state of exhaustion after a fight and you had 3 or 4 of these lads trying to dig the head off him, not an over reaction to say he could have been left brain damaged. I can’t condone that in any scenario, despite the fact he threw the first slap, by all means one on one but a lad twice his size throwing haymakers at him from behind is low.

On the fight itself, this is the fall from grace so many in here were waiting on. Mcgregor was absolutely schooled by Kabib and worst of all for him he was totally embarrassed in front of millions. All the shite talk makes it even worse. I can’t see any way back for him now, he may well fight again but how he could attempt to sell himself the way he had done in the past I just can’t see.

BTW I find this one of the most pointless threads on this forum, a group of adults slinging mud at a fella without any real input into the sport he’s competing in. As I say though, most of your prayers have been answered so do enjoy :slight_smile:


Hard to see what’s actually going on in that one, though I do think “live by the sword” is an apt way to describe things after last night/this morning.

One of the shocking things in the coverage of the incidents after this fight was the guy in red getting over the cage fence and smacking McGregor in the head from behind, that just shouldn’t be possible, let alone right.


In fairness to, ehhh, fairness, the small guy in the black actually came in to attack McGregor, who slapped at him, just before the guy in the red got in, and that guy clearly had intent in mind anyway.

But the level of pre-fight sledging and shit allowed go with these events involving McG was inevitably going to lead to brawls etc.


Top notch robbing there from the Politicians Playbook: Chapter 5 - Defending The Indefensible. Go on the counter offensive & call the discussion itself pointless and irrelevant. Michael Healy Rae would be very proud of that counter deflection. Jolly well done. :clap:

It’s not a pointless discussion. Nor is it irrelevant. Gullible, young Irish men are looking at this clown and the bullshit macho circus of swagger and counter swagger that surrounds him & are thinking they want to be a part of it. That renders it relevant.

Yes. Most people here are passing judgement on a ‘sport’ they are are not deeply immersed in. There is a reason for that. They don’t want to be to be involved in something that is so (a) violent (b) manufactured and ( c ) accepting of all the outside b0ll0xology and bullshit.

Unless they’re from Tyrone of course. :wink:


And the condescending remarks continue only this time aimed at me not a sweeping generalization of a sport you haven’t a clue about.

Try going back to bed and get out on the other side instead.



Look, I get you like the game. I don’t. Never have. And I find McGregor to be an national embarrassment. He has acted the b0ll0x and got handed his arse in a plate. Can’t say I’m surprised at the scenes after the event either. A lot of these clowns are coked up violent thugs. Anyone trying to defend what happened last night is not somebody I would have any faith in either.


And I would like to think you don’t have me in that category of people trying to defend what happened last night, or any other time Mcgregor has behaved like a thug because not once did I.

I’m not even a huge fan of UFC. I tune in to certain fights that perk an interest, mainly the grappling guys as I’ve practiced martial arts (at no great level mind you) myself and there is definitely a snobbery towards it that the people competing and involved are some sort of blood thirsty animals when this is not the case at all. It’s in general one of the more respectful sports as a whole at least in my experience anyway


Pointless. Irrelevant. Condescending. Got up on the wrong side of the bed. Clueless.

Excellent work there. Keep it up and you’ll soon be into Bertie Ahern levels of denial and counter attack. :+1:


I’ll agree on one thing the fucker shoujdnt have a thread. You reap what you sow. McGregor got his communpence as they all do. He will still make money and lots of it. But I can’t stand the persona and glad this is the end if it.


You truly have lost me. What and who am I defending?
Michael Healy Rae and Bertie Aherne? Nice one thanks for that.


I know loads of people that practice Martial arts, but what they do is nothing to do with this kind of shite, discipline is huge, but in this crack discipline, outside of training, seems to be non existent, guys going around with the entourage getting involved in brawls. Don’t think that happens in karate or Taekwondo competitions.


It’s a discussion forum , if you can t cope with people expressing opinions you don t agree with log out and join one that s called MMA love in. The name of the thread was a clue to the type of discussion you would have found.


Normally It doesn’t happen, it hasn’t happened before to my knowledge. Mcgregor is the first to engage in it to this extent. Which is my point really, the vast majority of competitors are respectful and disciplined, obvioisly not mcgregor or kabib. Any other shite of this kind that has went on was harmless enough and no worse than what happens at a boxing weigh in.

As regards local martial arts competitions no it does not happen. The respect for officials and opponents is something us in the GAA can only dream of. A lot of lads and ladies that turn pro and even go as far as the ufc keep the values with them that they would have learnt from those early days in their local jui jitsu club.

I totally understand people’s aversion to MMA. Seeing a lad getting the head punched off him on the deck is not appealing to anyone of sound mind. The refs are there to prevent an out and out hiding but by its nature, there can be significant amount of damage done before refs can intervene unfortunately. There is a lot more to the fights though than punches and faces full of blood, there is a huge amount of detail, technique and tactics involved that do appeal to viewers.


It’s not about agreement or disagreement, Ive found the thread pointless in the past that’s all but thanks for your definition of a discussion forum. To think I’m a member here 12+ years and never knew what this was.


Well it seemed like you were struggling with the concept. Always like to be helpful👍


On the old site there was a UFC/MMA thread, long before Mcgregor even joined Twitter. Users would discuss the fight nights and give opinions etc etc even our old pal Bart would weigh in. Every now and again a user would wander in and talk about how it all appears so barbaric and unappealing to them, a discussion would ensue and people went on their merry way at the end of it and agree to disagree. This thread however is about slating mcgregor every time he acts the bollox, for someone who craves attention why would anyone who dislikes him give it any publicity be it here or anywhere and that’s where I was coming from with the “pointless thread” comments. Similar to the way McKenna gets airtime here when it’s exactly what he wants.

I gave my tuppence worth on the sport in general and from the replies I got you would think I was defending mcgregor or the antics of last night which I clearly wasn’t.


For me it’s a case of enjoy him while he’s around. He’s a phenomenal fighter, the likes of which as Irish folk we’ll probably never see again. An elite level athlete. Unfortunately he’s in decline in this regard, some of it age related, some of it self inflicted.

He’s also incredibly entertaining. The wind up and sledging pre fight is legendary. And he’s a very rich man because of it. I wouldn’t begrudge him that.

But the chaos that has occurred over the last 12 months in particular is way ott, and is obviously at a very dangerous level, going by the events of this morning. And he was schooled by Khabib as was said already. A rematch should be the furthest thing from his mind.