Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


I think McGregor gets a hard time.

He’s made himself the biggest name in a US dominated sport, by acting the ballix at press conferences and backing it up in the octagon. After this weekend he’ll have been involved in the Top 5 grossing PPVs in the sport’s history.

Of course, you don’t have to like him, but for a Dub to have done what he has achieved is worth being proud about, even though he’s done things are absolutely not to be proud of. But like our boys in blue, who are heroes, some of them have done some horrible things like biting and gouging, that none of us were proud of, but doesn’t lessen their incredible achievements.

Reading some comments on this thread is like reading Spewan McKenna on the Dubs. Last week he said Jim Gavin can’t be classed as a great manager, because all he’s doing is what he should be doing!

I think this is similar to comments about McGregor that he was disrespecting the court because he cursed outside it, because he parked illegally (even though a load of cops around?) and he sped away (even though he wasn’t driving!). It’s as if people’s sensitivities become more delicate when talking about him (of course he has done some obnoxious things and worse, but it’s the making other stuff up that gets me).

While not completely false, the press conference persona is a gross exaggeration of his real persona. It was actually funny in the days when he was low down on the undercard and he was upstaging world champions and hogging all the limelight. Now that he’s the top name, a lot of it is forced, crass and cringe. He still has a great Dublin wit and will throw in the odd very funny comment, but you have to suffer the rest to get it.

But really those press conferenc should be treated for what they are. A lot of hyped up nonsnese. Here’s a proper interview he did this week (radio) with one of the most respected journalists in MMA. Yes, there are still parts where he comes across as an ass, but there are also some interesting parts and funny parts, particularly towards the end of the interview, and it’s worth listening to

Irish Politics

I’m usually a staunch advocate for freedom of speech but mentioning McGregor and the Dublin team in the same sentence is surely worthy of a ban / psychological assessment.


He’s from rush. Different kettle of fish them lads. You have to allow for that…


They’re all Dubs!

And context was given.


Any predictions for the mcgregor kabib fight?


Yeah. I’ll be asleep and I hope he gets knocked about and never darkens my door again!


All kicking off in Vegas between the Russian and McGreggor fans. Pathetic fools


Really? Jaysis ridiculous carry on



Funny In the video to the left there is a guy standing there in a Mayo jersey.


That explains it :joy:


One of the Russian fans?


McGregor got schooled . Pandemonium then with Khahbib jumping out of the octogon & going for McGregors trainers / team. Bedlam :joy:
Khabibs team jump in & batter Conor.


He didn’t deserve that. Don’t care what he’s done before. If you condone what happened after that fight you need to look at yourself imo. I’m no defender of Conor’s but I’ve never seen someone attacked like that before after an event


It was bang out of order .


Live by the sword, die by the sword.



Just gangs of thugs that cover their behaviour up with a so called sport


Exactly. Animals the lot of them. And people pay to see that crap?



Hopefully now, the idiots who wave the begrudery card at those who have no time for McGregor/UFC shut the eff up.