Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


He was doing a PR gig for Lucozade in Connolly Station last week. Dressed up in a red suit thinking and posing as if he was a celeb""""


Son didnt lick it off a stone


I thought he was very respectful in the court case, not like him at all! - clearly under instruction to behave like a normal human being.

The press conference was the usual crass nonsense. He does produce the odd funny one liner, but it’s mostly cringe stuff. The whiskey promotion was that bad it came across as deliberate cringe in the David Brent mode!

He’s also better at the nonsense than most and at times got under the skin of Khabib, which is probably the mission.

Bizarrely the oddest thing was when McGregor was asked about the upcoming fight between Poirier and Diaz, and he reverted to “normal human being” status and gave a thoughtful and respectful answer praising both men!

Still whatever McGregor’s faults, and there are many!, Khabib is a horrible individual, so I’ll be supporting McGregor on Oct 6th, although it is interesting that the bookies make Khabib a strong favourite.


another in our occasional series of “who said that?”

The same words were there to the point that while some columns come hard, being asked to react to him has became depressingly easy.


Are we referring to same court case … I’m talking bout the one in Ireland few months ago

Sure he was respectful in NY as he knew the consequences of been an ass there

Sorry must be first Irishman I wanted to lose at anything …


How so ???


hope to ■■■■ McGregor gets floored. Pity they would’nt take his oul fella and do the same.


The traffic offence??
How was he disrespectful?
I doubt any judge in Ireland would tolerate disrespect in their courtroom. They’re quite precious about their sanctimony


He’d be non too plussed to hear you say that.


when he showed up in court on the third request , in a tracksuit, for a speeding offence - telling the judge to relax and then speeding off in a fancy car afterwards.

He wouldn’t have done that in NY.


Damn this predictive text!


Obviously the NY case was a lot more serious than the Dublin case. Sometimes you don’t actually have to appear yourself for traffic offences, but he did miss one where he was supposed to and the judge handed down a bigger fine as a result and made him come the last time. I doubt a judge would let him off with saying “relax”, but maybe he did.

I dunno how leaving in a fancy car is disrespectful, but he did that when leaving both courts, and well as everywhere else he goes!


He’s not all bad:


Your right you don’t have to turn up normally - for whatever reason he was summoned , and then eventually showed up , coming out of the court, trying to cover his face like the general saying its a F*cking joke and then shooting off in the fancy car afterwards after been done for speeding.

Compare that to his NY appearance - where he had a bit of respect - albeit for a more serious charge , if he was there for speeding hed have a bit of manners on him too.


I saw the TV pics of him coming out of court. Didn’t hear him cursing or didnt see that reported in the coverage.
The covering the face was clearly and obviously taking the mick out of the reporters and photographers with their interest in such a minor case! Again, to say he was disrespecting the court is just nonsense, in my opinion.


The optics of the whole thing were awful though. Showed up in a tricky in court in a high power sports car, illegally parked and when he was leaving he sped down the road at a rate of knots. The least charge against him would be being thoroughly uncouth! I’d sentence him to 4 weeks under the tutelage of @Roman to show him how a modern, well healed, gentleman, should live


No making a silk purse out of a sows ear. He’ll always be an ignorant, classless scut, no matter how much money he has, or 'Torf etiquette classes he goes to.


Yup money just can’t buy class.


Its a pantomime with him though .One thing I’ve noticed is that he changes his accent slightly when doing certain media press conferences . Its like he’s actually struggling to sound intelligent or put together a coherent sentence .Its very noticeable . But he’s in it for the money, He’s never hidden that fact . So the more outrageous he is , the more attention he creates for himself .
Its all self promotion. I could take him or leave him to be honest . But he’s box office whether you like him or not.


I get all that. I don’t begrudge him money he makes. Still cant stand the sight of him. And will have a little smirk the day he gets the absolute snot knocked out too him.