Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Huge fight announcement for 6th of Oct. Mcgregor v Kabib. Will we see another video or two from his aul lad in the meantime


Or his sister…


I really hope this man , who represents every man woman and child in Ireland is allowed time to speak for himself and allowed justify his comments without all the negative hype and invasion into his private life .
He and his father have never sought publicity and conduct themselves with honour and pride.
So best of luck to Michael and Jackie Healey - Rae.
Edit : sorry wrong thread .


Do the H-R’s have a sister making videos too?


Your thinking of Fanny Feeley-Rae . No relation , I think her videos can be got though :rofl:


I was. Heard she retired from public office since she confessed to her PP that she didn’t believe in God. God bless her.

At least there isn’t a vid of her and her brother involved in a 3 on 1 like the McG clan! God bless them all!


Heeley Raes explicit vid doing the rounds is Animal Farm.
Danny and Michael in the slurry pit :astonished:


Ha! He’s going for the “Arthur” in Peaky Blinders look. Sorry Gregsby, PB’s thought of it first.



One of Mcgregors stablemates James Gallagher got knocked out in his bellator fight last night. If you think Conor is a mouth this lad is twice as bad and he was humbled by someone who was meant to be a stepping stone to a title shot for Gallagher.


:joy::joy: what an arsehole





Nothing better than seeing mouthy pricks getting their arses handed to them. Hopefully it’ll happen to his buddy soon