Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Hmmm… I’m not so sure…

If I was asked if I’d like to face one of the athletes in the Octagon or WWE ring, I know which one I’d pick.

Boxing is just the same in terms of personas etc … it’s all about selling and hyping fights for PPV reasons. You can understand why they’d do that, more money all round.

But I certainly respect anyone willing to step in to a cage with another individual and slug it out.


In the ring it seems to be reasonably ok, but the out of the ring pantomime villain shyte is crap of the highest order. Straight from the WWE playbook.


What a fucking surprise if that had of been a lad on his J1 or on a green card doing a normal job he’d have been locked up, deported and barred from re-entering the States for a period


I’ve never watched WWE, but UFC build up is the same as boxing. They drum up rivalry/hatred between the fighters to increase ticket sales and they all hug after the bout having gained each other’s respect. Mostly a load of old balls, but a tried and tested manner to increase revenues.


Chasing lads through parking lots and throwing barriers is pure wrestling tosh though

It’s all bollix imo


One rule for the rich and famous and another for everybody else…if you can afford top lawyers then your smiling


There’s a good few rules for high profile GAA players too. Let’s not kid ourselves.


True - Donaghy specialises in mixed martial arts on the pitch but never seems to get banned or called out for it.

Sometimes Tomas O’Se will call it ‘silly’.


I was watching highlights of Kerry v Monaghan last night… a throw in between Donaghy and a Monaghan player (can’t recall which one) when Monaghan were about 4 points up… as soon as the referee throws the ball up, Donaghy blatantly elbows his competitor - not in a sudden movement, more a pushing movement - right into his face as he catches the ball with his left hand. Kerry get a point from that possession. At the very least, it should have been a free for Monaghan and a yellow card for Donaghy. It also happens right in front of the referee’s eyes, given it’s from a throw-in.


How Donaghy stays on the pitch every game is mind boggling. He spends half the game with his hand in someone’s face. The Kerry jersey is like some sort of cloak of invisibility.


And yet still they manage to whine and bleat and paint him as some sort of bet-down victim who can never win a free. I read one post on the Kerry forum where somebody managed to say that his forearm smash on the Monaghan player that he got away with was “justified because he couldn’t trust the ref to do the right thing”.


How TF are Donaghy’s antics on the McGregor thread??


It’s a cunning distraction from the racing at Pun-chestown threads


Hands up … I may have caused that!


Donaghy, McGregor…its all horse play…


I can see the UFC doing all sorts of rubbish with his anger managment course. maybe even dressing him up as a buddist monk, not harming a soul despite terrible provocations untill he gets into the ring or some shite like that.

how did the other lad get on?


Both entered the same plea deal according to the story I read. So same outcome …


The other guy got 6 years penal servitude


They did what to his which?

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