Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


I was joking about McCaffrey… remember he was gargled at the AI final after match banquet and in the background for the Sunday game interviews and he was dishing out rabbit ears and wet willies to those around him.


Remembering of course that he had just torn his ACL and was likely on strong medicine, much like McGregor, except McGregor’s wasn’t prescribed!


Written on the back of his ACL medicine bottle "do not take more stated dose. Do not drive or operate heavy machine. May cause drowsiness or increase the likelihood of having the craic, if you experience any wet willies please speak to your doctor! :grinning:

Curious enough, the police publicly stated McGregor was clean when arrested. Was wondering how they judged that, pupil dilation test or something?!


Ah yeh forgot that, was funny though clearly staged because the Dublin team are all financially doped gym robots who have no life and are slaves to the evil tyranny of The Cult of the Latter Day Gurus of The Manager.


whatever about his questionable personality and dubious acquaintances, I must compliment the man on his ink.

stunning inkwork for which he can be truly proud…