Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Trump actually thought the bit with him dying was real :rofl:


Really hope a tough NY judge throws the book at him…a weekend in Rikers preferably.

As for the sheep who think this is a publicity stunt…give me a break. The NYPD and DA’s office are hardly in on it. Worst case he looses his visa, fight license in America and is booted out of the US.


Terrible anti-Dub bias there @mayoman.

Ps worst case scenario is he ends up back here most of the time.


Conor is a dub? I thought he was Scottish…!


When did that happen ?
Must look it up :scream:


Must be over 10 years ago. So real life


:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: That is quality !


Just about you meeting McG, did he deign to patronise your former establishment? I think I remember you talking about it. As a matter of interest how did he know about your place, just heard or did he look it up?


They’re hardly in on it. But they can be influenced…


What’s that about McCaffrey?


Whaaaaa? This thread has become like hiroglyphics


What does ‘a great heel’ mean??


The vilian , a bad hombre .



Looks aged.


Huh ?
McGregor , like tired looking ?
Or did you mean staged :thinking:


I mean he looks aged. And not in that way they say about fine wine. He looks much older than his age.


It’s the beard! I wonder is it mandatory to have a beard to be part of his gang, opps, sorry I meant entourage.


Staged to ■■■■ the lot of it. Still Ken Ackers the lot of them.


He’s looked more haggered in the past