Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Conor would have other people to issue statements on his behalf .
Kavanagh has nothing to answer for in this matter .


Indeed. That particular train has been pulling into that station for a long time now



Always felt the same about him. Continuously acted like a prick and there was always something about him which has been revealed to be true over the last 6 months or so


who is this lad,

a kid bother of Erin McGregor from dancing with the Stars… ???


Bother is right Dr Freud…


Can’t believe RTE had her on on that basis. Sweet suffering Jesus it was only series 2 they couldn’t have reached the bottom of the barrel already


i’ll blame dyslexia not freud on that one


If you threw him into the WWE he would be a great heel . This shite happens all the time there .
Maybe Conor is a little confused …maybe Dana is the new Vince McMahon

And this probably backs it up
"Dana White is out to prove he can make UFC the headlining act on Masters AND Wrestlemania weekend, and either way, he’s done just that. "


There’s no way a dyslexic could spell dyslexia… :wink:


Just on the MMA / UFC topic , here’s that Khabib lad who is / was supposedly lined up to fight Conor at some stage .And he was the guy who squared up to Conors team mate earlier which prompted Conor to go nuts
Wrestling a bear as a child :triumph:


Having seen none of the footage it’s clear they are oppressing our black brother. Keep the head up Conor.


They reached bottom of the barrel before it began. And she worked so hard for this.




ha… taking the piss out of the two lads on today FM (I think) taking the piss out of her and Dancing with the Staff.


Who is her though ?


Erin McGregor


Sorry Erin McGregor. Turned on the radio (pretty sure it was TodayFM) and they where ripping the piss out of Mcgregor and her stint on dancing with the stars…


Aixelsyd. In your face syrrah selit


Do you not remember the carnage young McCaffrey caused on The Sunday Game last year. Jim did well to stay stum then.

In all seriousness though, Diarmuid Connolly appeared in Court in 2014 for a serious unprovoked assault outside a pub in Phibsboro (in 2012) I could be wrong but I don’t remember Jim Gavin issuing a statement about that. As a matter of fact this case is still ongoing in the Civil Court.

McGregor is being dealt with by the right people now the NYPD and the courts.


VinceMc Mahon once died live on air in an explosion but came back to life a few days later. A modern day Jesus. Let’s see Dana beat that