Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


I’d be interested to hear a statement from his coach John Kavanagh. He’s not cut from the same cloth as Mcgregor at all, I would like to hear him condemn his actions. In the interest of his own business, SBG, he should do anyway.


Did he condemn him after the brawl in the pub last year ? Or for the rascist comments at the time of the Mayweather fight ? I’m sure I could add more here…


Hope he gets the book thrown at him.


In fairness to John Kavanagh he is just one of McGregor’s coaches, albeit the most well known. He doesn’t control McGregor or anything he does. He has no involvement in what Conor does, in so far as, McGregor decides who he is going to fight and then tells John Kavanagh and they begin their preparation.


You can’t bring kids into it. Apparently it’s cheap … :flushed::thinking::thinking:


Hmmm, you could be onto something. That night was the beginning of the end for us in a certain establishment also!


There are no dispensations for celebrities. In America the law is the law. They’re quite fond of skewering celebrities if you look at it.

He’s a fool who got too big too quickly. Who would want to be associated with him now?


i’m Sure he has plenty of hangers on still.


Can’t see him pulling up outside the court and illegally parking a sports car in New York !


If ya have the right lawyers there are :wink:

In cases where an arrest resulted in a conviction, you may be permanently ineligible to receive a visa and will require a waiver ineligibility to travel to the United States.


We could get him to mark comer if we get Galway again


And what are the chances of a violent criminal getting one?

He’s blotted his copy book big time.



I’m not defending him by the way . I think he thinks he untouchable because of his wealth now .
This incident might drive it home now that he’s not.


Here’s my original post on the man. My opinion hasn’t changed. The only difference now is that if I expressed my opinion honestly of him being a complete toe rag now, it may be more warmly greeted! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Well, I thought it was all WWE scripted, but Jesus it simply looks like he was out of control and out of his head.

He should have the book thrown at him, a disgrace of a man.


Combination I’d say . They stripped his title & i think one of the other fighters who was on that bus confronted one of Conors team mates earlier that .
Again , no excusing what he did . Seems the kinda guy where the brain doesn’t engage before fury & anger kicks in .


All the more reason for him to make a statement on this one id have thought.

I understand JK is only one of his coaches, but both of their stories are intertwined with the other. JK has done as well as anyone out of the McGregor debacle. They will forever be linked I’d just like to hear what he has to say on the shenanigans given I don’t feel he fits the descriptions many have used for Mcgregor on here.

My interest in JK is as someone who trains BJJ myself. I’ve more interest in Johns career than Conor’s in recent times. Hes done a lot for the sport (BJJ) in ireland before and after Conor’s rise.


In a coaching capacity , what Conor does of his own volition has nothing to do with Kavanagh unless Kav was there throwing chairs into buses or whatever :laughing:


I think this thread should be merged with Anti Social scumbags!


Again I understand Conor’s criminal acts have nothing to do with Kavanagh.

But are you telling me if a Dublin player (Bernard brogan for arguments sake) turns up at a GAA event running a muck then Jim Gavin can just say “nothing to do with me I just coach him” can’t see that flying somehow