Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Are the police in on the joke?


Dana white is another don king.if McGregor does fight again he will be a bigger cash cow than he ever was.every fighter now will want to be the one to beat and shut him up.white has never once said he wouldn’t work with McGregor again .a billion dollars could not buy that publicity


Good luck to him getting back into America, to fight more fights, with a criminal conviction to his name.


He just been charged with 3 counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief, due in court later today.

I’m a boxing / MMA fan for years and have enjoyed McGregor for the most part. After last night though I have lost all respect for him. Thuggish behaviour of the highest order. 2 fighters on the bus he attacked now can’t fight on Saturday and both suffered cuts to their faces/eyes so could be more serious.

Still not convinced he’ll get much more than a slap on the wrists from the US courts though. We wait and see.


He will be sued heavily Id imagine which prob wont bother him all that much.


A recurring theme this week.


I really hope they throw the book at him. He needs a dose of reality fast.


It only took you until now to do that, fair play! He is on a steady path into the abyss.


He needs a dose of the pox, as far as I am concerned.


Unbelievable behaviour. This has been waiting to come for years. For all his money he still cant understand how to behave. He should take a lesson from the Dubs (and other county players) who despite not getting paid behave with dignity and respect win, lose or draw.


He should just feck off, sick of seeing him strut around the place like a thug.




Been an arsehole gets him exposure . That is what he craves . He doesn’t do all these crazy things for nothing . It reminds me of that time where a few sports stars in America came out & said I’m not here to be role model . He’s not . He has said it himself before that he was going to try & make as much money as possible in the short time these careers last . Social media lit up last night due to what he did . I’d say Dana White is only too delighted at what happened . I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was staged .


Looking at the latest footage now. could have done some serious damage, money might not help him here .


My understanding is that three fights are off this weekend because of what happened. How is that a good thing?

If there’s any conviction at all he’s done in America. How is that a good thing?

If this was staged it seems to me to be one of the most stupid publicity stunts in history.


Have lost the last little bit of, actually, cant say respect, cant say admiration, dont know what to say. I liked him after i met him, but has gone seriously downhill since then. This just tips the scales. At first I thought the whole thing was staged WWE style, but with the fights off and the cops involved too, doesn’t seem to be the case.


I agree all the previous stuff was pantomime shenanigans done to maximise his exposure. I have a feeling this is different. American justice system can be quite harsh but in this case I hope its as harsh as possible. It’ll show kids who look up to him that there is consequences for acting like a thug. Never liked him, or the sport (but that’s my personal feelings). Would support any Irish sportsperson but could never get the Grá for him.


That’s purely a coincidence, yes?


We’ll have to see how this unfolds .
Regards the conviction possibility , I wouldn’t be surprised if certain dispensations are applied for “celebrities” , I’m sure his lawyers would find some way around that .

Have those fights been confirmed to be off ?
Edit , details here of it

Regarding the publicity , it’s an absolutely win win for MMA .


Everyone is talking about it - so from a publicity stunt , its been a success (up there with coloured weather warnings !!!).

Use to admire him , put himself up there with the rash talk and backed it up in the cage.
Since the mayweather fight was announced i just got fed up with him being everywhere.

You cant polish a turd as the saying goes.