Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


I don’t like how such a tough sport is full of trash nonsense. There should be more respect between the fighters, and even if there is behind it all, the circus is nauseating. McGregor buys into that full throttle and is incredibly annoying imo. But, the guy is talented, like him or loathe him, his talent is obvious.


He annoys me so much that if I ever bump into him I’ll … no … hang on - forget that …


I don`t know anything about the sport, rules etc, but I get the feeling that a lot of contests are over in a few minutes, too lazy to google it, but what is the full distance. Find it strange that people are willing to pay big bucks to see a lot of now you see it, now you don’t stuff.


Fantastic athlete? Yes

To quote that bellend Niall Harbison, “There has never been a better Irish sportsman than Conor McGregor. Roy Keane only man close but not even 10%.” Not a fúcking hope


On the best Irish sports person, I mean is it a clean sport doping wise etc? Who would he be competing against. I mean if I were to suggest Sean Kelly or Stephen Roche as our best ever, I am sure a good few would bring up the doping thing.


riddled with PED’s. Someone gets popped every week.


[quote=“bigp, post:25, topic:1379”]
On the best Irish sports person,
[/quote]Some people (myself included) would even argue that it’s not a sport anyway…


Maybe they mean he’s the best Irish person ever …


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Maybe they mean he’s the best Irish person ever …
[/quote]Pretty poor excuse for a nation if that’s what they mean :laughing:


Would agree, but that’s another story.


Rightly or wrongly he’s being heralded now as the greatest ever in his field by many of the experts. How many other Irishman can we say that about?

Globally he’s the best known Irish sportsman of all time and he’s still to come into his prime so to be fair I don’t think it unfair for it to be suggested that he’s up there with the very best that Irish sport has ever offered. I can understand people disliking him and/or the sport but he’s a serious talent and knows how to catch everyone’s attention. What he’s done in the sport both inside and outside the octagon over the last few years is incredible.


Would not agree with a lot of that. The sport itself is not all that big world wide, I mean if Mc Gregor was not Iriish, how many people would be staying up to see a fight. Here is Spain the vast majority of the people would have never heard of him, but mention, Kelly, Coghlan, Soniia O Sullivan, Harrinton , Mc Illroy or Roy keane and they would be all known by people with a general interest in sport
In saying that I am not saying he is not a top class athelete, just it is sport that is followed by a few and has become hugely popular in Ireland due to his success, but the world wide thing is not accurate IMO


Agree 100%.

Ten years ago, this sport was practically unheard of. It still is, to the over whelming majority of the sporting public. I wouldn’t put much store in the so called “experts” that have put him at the top of the MMA food chain. If he is, then good for him. But we’re not exactly talking about a long and storied sport, with a rich tradition, going back decades. It’s not that hard to become an expert, in something, if it hasn’t been around all that long.

As for being the best known sports man of all time…come on now…Brian O’Driscoll, Paul O’Connell, Roy Keane, Robbie Keane, Padraig Harrington, Rory McIlroy, Eddie Irvine, Alex Higgins, George Best, Paul McGrath…and a good few others, would be far more recognisable to the average sports fan in Brigton, Boston, or Brisbane, than McGregor would be,


The thing with McGregor is that a lot of people with absolutely no interest in sport still know who he is. Sky sports don’t cover MMA but they report on him which I think says a lot. I take your point that it’s not a global sport but it’s becoming more and more popular and does reach a wide audience. We can only speculate of course but I’d suggest only McIlroy (is he really Irish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) of current sportsmen is as well known as him and as brilliant as he is he isn’t the current number 1 and will be without a major for almost 3 years by the time the Masters comes along.


A lot of comments saying “I don’t watch MMA/UFC” or “I don’t know the rules” etc. I’m not sure how you can have a strong opinion on the sport if you don’t watch it. Conor McGregor is an outstanding athlete and his dedication to his craft is second to none. He’s doing our country proud on the biggest stage and yet still people begrudge him. I find it bizarre that he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

I’ve played Hurling and Football my entire life. I have been an MMA fan for many years and always wanted to give it a go. This year I took a break from Gaelic games and trained MMA for 6 months, 5 mornings a week and in August had my first fight. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. I’ve never been as fit in my life.

I’ve had it said to me about Hurling that it’s “A crazy game” or “how can you play that all they do is hit each other with sticks” and I have the exact same response for those people. Don’t judge until you’ve either tried it or are educated on it.


Lot of misunderstandings there, I don’t think I saw one post that said he was not an outstanding athlete, nor did I see anyone say he has not worked hard to get to where he is. Now doing our country proud is arguable, as a sportsman maybe so, but I am not sure being foul mouthed or throwing bottles at people in a press conference is doing the country proud, I know it is part of the circus, but I for one do not feel represented by such behaviour . I know other sportsmen and women, including GAA have not exactly covered themselves with glory from time to time, but in Mc Gregor’s case it seems to be part of the show rather than being genuine.
As regards having an opinion on a sport, why not? I mean if people are saying a guy is hugely famous worldwide, but yet his exploits don’t get a mention on the sports news in a sports mad country like Spain, well someone is being misled regardless of their knowledge of the sport.


People don’t like him because he’s thick and isn’t a nice guy generally. Good luck to him he’s a multi-talented guy and richer then everyone around him. Unfortunately he can’t leave it at that and he’s a very poor role model

I’m always reluctant to call sports people role-models but unfortunately kids worship these guys. As regards judging - you don’t need to have a background knowledge on MMA to know he’s a clown.


Probably not too many in Boston would know odriscoll and oconnell? Same deal in that they are or were top of their sport but in a sport restricted to a small number of nations


I’d wager he’s more well known in Spain than Brian O’Driscoll is.

The debate is twofold. How well known he is globally compared to other sports stars? Personally I’d say McIlroy is the only one that is at his level in that regard. If you do not agree please let me know who else I’m missing out on? Harrington perhaps.

Second point was about whether it’s fair to put him up there with Irelands greatest sportsmen. Rightly or wrongly given he’s considered the greatest of all time by many and he’s still a good few years to go then he has to be up there. We don’t have any sports stars that are the best in the world or any in the past that are considered the greatest that were ever in their field. Of course MMA is a relatively new sport which is a major consideration here but I think some peoples destain for McGregor and MMA are clouding their judgment here.

A lot of people commenting on this topic don’t like McGregor or MMA which I can understand. However, they’ve still strong opinions on him.


It’s not a top level sport. that’s where your argument falls down.

To be a boxing world champion is a million times harder then MMA.

Carl Frampton is on a different level to Mc Gregor as a sportsperson. Mc gregor will have more money then all of them put together but he’ll never have the credibility.

Mc Gregor wouldn’t win an amateur boxing title in ireland.

I watch it for the comedy factor like most people but it certainly isn’t a high quality sport. Pure Brazilian Ju Jitsu is a far superior sport in my view

MMA doesn’t have any identity in my view. it’s watched my millions who have no idea about it and most certainly will never practice it. People watch it for barbarsim safe in the knowledge they’ll never enter the ring.

I’d say 10% of the people who follow the circus know anything about it so people making outrageous claims that MMA will over-take boxing is silly talk