Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Of course he does but the stuff about them been well to do isn’t true .They are now , all the family are driving beamers .


Well he lived in Lucan mostly , I know that s not millionaires row , he went to school there pretty sure about that. Look it wwe stuff imo.


Correct, and quite a nice part of Lucan too, his familys 4/5 bed semi-d is surrounded by 5 bed detached. When the estate was built (2004-2006) and his family moved in there were houses for 700k+ on sale


Doing the country proud again I see :roll_eyes:



Classy as always. Don’t suppose there’s a way of taking the pricks citizenship off him ? Absolute embarrassment to the country


Charlie says…


I think of him as a handy time saving device.

If I’m ever speaking to someone and they tell me they like McGregor, I know they will never say anything that I will find remotely interesting or agree with and I can disregard everything they say in future.

Cuts out so much wasted time!


They must be short of PPV subscribers so needed to spice it up!





He’ll either be dead or sleeping in a doorway in five years.

You don’t want to ■■■■ with the American justice system.


Sure wasn’t he supposed to be getting bumped off last year . That all kinda went very quiet .


You believe Dana white? That’s a pantomime same as WWE.


I’ve little to no interest in it. Didn’t look like a pantomime to me. Not overly bothered one way or the other.
Still reckon he’s not long for this world :wink:


Did anyone check to see was he in Liverpool last night ?


No it was last year and he left something for one of the locals to remember him by.


He’s a Liverpool kinda guy no doubt


*Sound of sizzling fuse…


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again.
Fail again. Fail better.”