Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


McG, makes me think of ‘Arry, In Bruges. "If that was me Ken, I’dve killed myself on the spot, on the fackin’ spot!"


Used to be known as McCanns


Became The Bentley after McCanns. Then the Black Forge.


Never changed re bad looking for trouble crowd. Mcgregor a muppet going in there in the first place.


Always was a degree of that. But it’s far worse now. There’s the Forge, the Eleanora, Halfway House & Long Mile all within a minute’s walk of each other. Always end up in that area for a pint on the night of Dublin games but we give it a wide berth.


You’d be safer up in the Sandy Row!


McGreggor aside, it really is disgraceful that a few scu1m8ags can basically hold a city to randsom. It is great to see the cops coming down heavy on organized crime and I hope they continue to get the resources to tackle this scourge.

On the outside looking in, I really do feel for the majority of good people having to lived in these areas putting up with this crap.

I think Dublin needs a directly elected mayor who is held accountable and a zero tolerance (countrywide) attitude to real crime like we saw in New York back in the late 80’s/early 90’s


Best shoe shop in Ireland is in Sandy Row. Reid’s.


But enough about the GAA Season Ticket office…


Ignorant prick. Who the ■■■■ does he think he is


Don’t forget the kestrel , absolute shit hole with probably the WORST carvery in Dublin.


You could stretch to the Cherry Tree as well so


Paid the fine this morning.


mcgregor or the judge ?


Carvery. It can only be bad


Haven’t darkened that doorstep in over 20 years.
Rough as a badger’s b****x.


Think I was only ever there twice at most.
Too difficult crossing at that roundabout.


I do enjoy the one in the Coachmans. Dont think I have ever got a decent one anywhere else!


Funny enough, they do a very decent carvary in coppers during the day :joy:


Once you’re there at a reasonable hour. They give you plenty too … food that is. And you could set your watch by the menu. (Because of the light over it)