Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


The Liverpool wan ?


No but it was a hairy situation.


When is this episode of Jeremy Kyle airing?


Well it can be sorted out with a paternity test .Your wan is probably going with the story to gain publicity.
If Dee was to leave him though the child would be set for life ( theirs ) , that’s for sure .


Maybe they are sending Mc Gregor after The Monk?


could be another few million to be gained by hanging around a few years more if he can get the pay per view for manny pacqia or someope else bate him round a ring


Most definitely , she’s no mug & knows how her bread is buttered . I’m sure she’s aware of it all but playing the long game . He’d wanna cop himself on , he’s off the rails ATM .


in a major way by all accounts, seems John kavanagh who could tame him has zero influence on him now…

wouldnt surprise me if he does time within next few years.

but he has loads of dosh so thinks it is beyond him


In fairness that’s usually how it works in ireland


New money = no class.


My brother has interviewed him a couple of times. Last time was after the “faggot” controversy about a month ago. He reckons it’s not going to end well…


Ryan Turbidy :astonished:


he said interviewed !!


Is he a Detective Sergeant?


George hook?


A row of forty medals on his chest?



When one bumps into new money. One doesn’t know where to put ones face.


Woolberto ? :open_mouth:


…knows Karl Marx?