Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


I’d agree . He’s too high profile and there are too many witnesses . You’d imagine there’s CCTV too of it . Yet no video has surfaced of it yet .
And the €900k payoff rumour is circulating as well .Drop in the ocean for him now .


Funerals may be on his list soon


The father is as big an arsehole as the son by all accounts


Im just waiting on the ‘getting married with the mcgregors’ to hit tv3


I’ve long harboured the thought that he’d be broke or dead within 10 years…
Might be sooner than I thought.


You don’t lick that behaviour off the stones.


Are people in here hoping McGregor turns up dead or are my eyes deceiving me?


Nobody said that they hopes he turns up dead?


Your eyes are totally playing puck if you see that


Ah ok my mistake


What pub?
So just to get this straightened, The Wig didn’t get wammed?


Black Forge


TP’s in Ballydavid.


I heard (saw screenshots of someone messaging some person) that he’s off hiding in Lanzarote!
From what I hear, he’s well aware of the gang. Some of them were at his sister’s wedding and all


O’Hehirs up at the Scalp?


Oh yeah , he’s pals with some of them from his younger days . I believe the father got caught in the middle of it by accident .


rumours around crumlin that he might be regularly dipping into more than his beloved Dee Devlin


Been going on for years apparently even before he made it .Do you see her walking away from him with his fortune . No chance , I’d say she puts up with it .But especially bad form as hes just become a father recently .


Absolute Scummer. Even when she was pregnant allegedly


Soon to be a father of 2 by all accounts