Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Sent his manger to represent him. Cheeky fucker


Manger? Well it is almost Christmas.


WAHEY! (in a manger)


Conor seems to have messed around with the wrong person in his latest moment of madness .


the Wig is not someone to be messed with by all accounts


Is it him ? Have had my suspicions that it is


Any links? Just heard about him being in a boozer and ‘boxing the head of a young fella’?


He’s totally lost the run of himself.


It was the Wig’s da who got a slap and allegedly the Wig has asked for 900k compensation.


Jaysus some mess. 900K for a slap, suppose its a drop in the ocean. Just glad The Lone Ranger is nto around anymore to tell me he told me so!


I can do that for you if you like?


sleep with dogs, rise with fleas etc…

a gormless tool no matter how much money he has


No, you’re grand. Actually thought on the late late that he had redeemed himself, but this and the jumping into the ring. Dope(go ahead Beeko and Dub09)


Going to enjoy the downfall of this fucker


What’s amazing about all this is that he didn’t know who he was messing with . You’d imagine these types are well known to all in the area .


at the level he operates he should have known all similar lowlife


I’d say he does but is that so far up his own hole he doesn’t care


I hope the weigh-in for his next fight doesn’t take place at the Regency Hotel.


He’s skipped the country now anyway to California. Some mess he’s left behind .


That pub is a shithole but I doubt any harm will come to mcgregor. His fame will see to that.