Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


exactly what I have done.


COC in a schoolgirl uniform?


Jesus Al I’m trying to eat my lunch here…


Anyone staying up for this ? Luckily I’m a night owl anyway .


It’s at 9 o’clock my time so perfect for me. It won’t last long anyway McGregor will gas out after 2 rounds trying to land a knock out I’d imagine.
Can’t see anything but a Mayweather win here but you never know.


I know McGregor can’t possibly win but its car crash television .I just know my stream will collapse before he’s knocked out :joy:


Mayweather on a completely different level but McGregor did well all things considered. I didn’t expect him to last that long. Stoppage looked inevitable but I do think the ref should have let it go on a little longer.



Didn’t see it but fair play to him, he gave it a lash. I wouldn’t have.


No different to what a young fella from the National stadium could have done. Mayweather didnt leave 1st gear. Nice pay day all the same


Thankfully this parody is over . He fought a 40 year old who was two years out of the ring and 15 pounds lighter . So it wasn’t this great effort people keep saying
However with a 100m quid and most of the muppet Irish population following why would he care . Laughing to the bank


10 rounds will keep sponsors in line for another day - :money_with_wings:


Those fans won’t be seen at the next fight … they’re just Mayweather supporters …


I’m a fan of his (as a fighter) but I did really enjoy seeing him getting a pint thrown over him.


How’s it somebody once put it so succinctly? The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible


McGregor cased a a bit of chaos tonight at the Bellator/Bamma event at the 3 arena. Jump into the cage to congratulate his team mate Charlie Ward and nearly ended up in a scrap with the ref. Another clip showed him slapping an official in the face. Doesn’t paint him in a very good light, Im sure the UFC expect better from their top ambassador. Felt for the guy who had just been stopped lying on the mat in the octagon. Id imagine the refs main gripes with what McGregor did was 1. He probably didn’t know who was jumping in the octagon and on top of Ward initially and 2. The guy on the canvass had not even been tended to by a doctor or his corner men as per protocol when a fighter is stopped. McGregor did not cover himself in glory tonight.


Why would anyone expect any different from this guy?

What has he ever done to suggest he has even an ounce of class?


Wtf was that all about :astonished:


Never thought bono would be surpassed as an embarrassment to the nation but this dope has succeeded.


Publicity to get the masses to pay to watch his next fight. Just business, as distasteful as it may seem.