Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


he speaks like a moron but whether its an act or the real deal I have no idea.

i would prefer if he was a Brit


I’d back Bart up on this one. McGregor is a lowlife scumbag. There are defamation laws however in this country, so I won’t be posting anything here :roll_eyes:


McGregor fans are boasting about him ‘winning’ press conferences. That’s all you need to know about this circus.


Sure Andy Murray won the internet the other day when he corrected a journo.


Contradict you on what? You haven’t given anything to contradict apart from your opinion that he is every bit as bad as Mayweather? If thats your case, then I contradict you. Look up the thread for my opinion on him and the show, yes it is a show, he puts on and its 2 different people. I will totally admit when watching the press conferences, i was thinking ‘noooooooooooo’ when he came out with ‘Dance for me boy’ as of course the yanks will say it was a racist remark, but he definitely wasn’t using it in those terms.

I think he is going to get a hiding, but he does make you think, he might actually have a chance the way he goes on, even though he doesnt. It’s great viewing and very easy not to watch if you dont want to


He’s a rich bum . And I’m ashamed he’s Irish . Absolute muppet and a lowlife outside the ring too


apparently when you buy the PPV ticket sky are sending a print at home voucher for you to have mug tattooed on your back before the fight.

in a special deal, if you agree to sign up for the re-match you get one for your forehead.


Wait, so you want someone to contradict your opinion on this? OK well I dont agree

I’m sure he gives two flying fooks what you think about him and that you’re ashamed he’s Irish to be honest, but fire away


Based on what you’re going to contradict it?

I’d love to hear it


still waiting to hear what there is to contradict though? apart from you saying he’s low life scum outside the ring.

Your opinion of him has gotten much stronger in recent times so you’ve either come into some knowledge of him or are just looking to be contrary.


I’m not putting it on a public forum . Another poster has said the same . I know what’s he like I’ll leave it at that . But don’t start telling me I’m being contrary for the sake of it about that toe rag.


You would love to hear what I am going to contradict you on when you have not stated anything yet. You really are a strange one, but anyway.

He’s a rich bum - Thats a contradiction in itself, a bum lives on the streets, generally has no money. McGregor is certainly no bum (anymore), so thats my first one

Your ashamed he’s Irish, well how can I contradict you on something you are ashamed of. As I said, I’m sure he cant sleep at night thinking that the global online phenomenon on Resevoir Dubs, The Lone Ranger, is ashamed of him

Absolute muppet and lowlife outside of the ring also - Yes I do contradict that because I have met him and saw him work the crowd in the pub, he took time for each and every single person that came down to see him and was far from a muppet or a lowlife. Sure as Maxi has said, you obviously, as always, no more about him than anyone else on here so all of our opinions are null and void, right?


You don’t have to say it but Is it illegal what you know or more along the lines of morally unacceptable?


I’ll leave it at that Harper . Because honestly I’m appalled. Genuinely .
That’s fair enough you keep going with that.
Over and out


Im appalled that your appalled, genuinely.

Sure PM me all the dirt then so I can change my opinion. I’d hate to be so ignorant and keep liking him if he is really such a bad person, because up until now, all you have given is your opinion


What I know is certainly both illegal and morally unacceptable.


the more of this i hear…

… the more im starting to like him!!


at least I have an idea of what you’re talking about. I’m fairly sure I know what you are referring to but there might be more beyond that.


PM what ya think it is…


A lot of the stuff about Mcgregor is from the rumour mill. I’d suggest people go with what they have from first hand experience of the guy or solid evidence rather than fake Snapchat/WhatsApp screen shots.

On the press conferences he came across really bad in the latest one. A lot gibberish, strange rap references? Polar bear remarks and the comment on his ‘black female fans’

The Toronto press conference he was part funny. The thing with the Irish flag was silly, defending it then throwing it on the ground.

I don’t begrudge him his success in anyway, wouldn’t share sentiments that I’m ashamed hes Irish in the slightest. It seems posters hve info on him that not even the world media has and I presume it’s proof that he must be a murderer/rapist/woman beater. sounds more like people just don’t like the chap.

I’d sooner this fight was done and dusted and he got back to fighting UFC and actually defended his belt instead of this circus. I will still watch it though like most who may not see the point of it either.