Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


It’s beyond that outside the ring. This guy thinks he’s God. And it’s not Irish begrudgery- that last night wasn’t even funny


What is?


Floyd doesn’t knock people out - I’d expect it to go to round 4/5 and Floyd should take over then. I hope. It’s a parody- makes a mockery of boxing and Mayweather’s legacy


the only real fear I have is that the watching public worldwide think this jumped up prick is in any ways representative of the rest of us


Agreed and we will be labelled racist because of this obnoxious muppet


It’s all a show for both of them - I wouldn’t get too hung up on it - Fair fucks to the two of them for milking it.

As for Mayweather legacy , he not pick and choose his fights - he dodged pac man till he was finshed.

ah jaysis bart - you’ll be going around like every American soon apologising for trump.
It’s a show were gross insults are thrown back and forth at each other - with the aim of seeing PPV in the states
Pretty easy to ignore it - unless your having sneaky looks at to see what wooly is saying !!


Whatever about Conor (he’s a clown)…the other fella is a million times worse…

Certainly if I was to wish harm on either, it would be the multiple time wife beating, children threatening, jumped up tax dodging scumbag in the other corner…

Regarding the fight, it’ll be a tippy tappy snore fest which will be so underwhelming it will miraculously require a rematch in which CMcG will have “learnt so much” from his first professional fight… (?)…that he will now legitimately have a chance…load of me hoop!!!


ah that legacy !


Mc Gregor is every bit as bad . You show up your own ignorance


Nearly as much hype as The Lions. But alot less violence to come




Enlighten me…
It appears you are insinuating that he has committed a crime equal or worse than hitting his wife (gf?) and/or threatening his child…is that right???
(if this is about jet skiing in a prohibited area I’ll actually laugh)

Perhaps this is an indication of your moral compass…

or another classic wind-up (its boring now)


Not one other poster will contradict me. Sit on that


Jaysus … this is getting like a Mayweather McGregor press outing …


Classic non-response…

What exactly would you like me to “sit on”…your keyboard? about the same amount of sense would come out…


Sit on your ass and continue to be ignorant .


enlighten us so


You say things like “attack the post” all the time on here…yet your last two posts have certainly fallen below your own lofty expectations in labeling me as “ignorant” (yes that is an insult)

Ignorance would imply not wanting to become informed…I would like to know what is “every bit as bad” as beating you wife and threatening your kids…

If you dont want to put it on the forum, feel free to PM me…

To clarify (again) I am not a McG fan or defender in any way! Reinforced by his “polar bear coat” from last night…he’s clearly a moron.


Fan in the ring , not so much out side of the ring - but to say he’s a moron isn’t true.
in 4 years to go from the bottom of a card to this event/freakshow and be out injured for 10 of those months - you got to give him credit where its due - unless your bart.


Fair point…misguided in what he says probably more accurate, and will alienate the more discerning fan (minority) with the “bitch, boy, polar bear etc…”