Master Fixture Dates List


Dont remember addressing you . Forgot how knowledgeable you are on everything . U are entitled to your opinion like I am . There is no excuse for adult fixtures not to be out . None . Just over 2 weeks to start of league . Ameteurish . End of . So thanks for your kind words and if I want a discussion with u , which I doubt I will I will let u know . :+1:


It’s a public message board so you’re addressing everyone.

If you can do better then put yourself forward instead of hiding behind anonymity on a message board.


If they can’t do properly then they shouldn’t be there either . But let’s agree to differ :+1:. But I will stand by it not good enough and ameteur .


What do you actually need though?

League will be reversed fixtures from last year, so whoever you played in your first game last year you will play again this year and if you played them away last year it will be home this year etc…
Top team getting promoted from league below will replace the bottom team who were in your league last year. That’s how it usually works.
Champo won’t be until April so no rush on draws etc yet but they are usually out soon.


Too many teams training to spy on for the next two weeks :wink::wink:


Does anyone know what way DCB actually do the fixtures?
Curious if they actually use the standard available sporting software to generate based on few fixed pre programmed criteria…reserved fixtures from previous year etc


Which is always a pain that there is not a redraw as you could have 2/3 very strong teams at a time when they are at full compliament if you know what I mean.


Most of you should be able to work out your fixtures without waiting for them.

they will be the reverse of last year so whoever you played at home last season you will play away this year.
You can replace the teams relegated in the following order. Bottom of division replaced with Lower division winner, second from bottom replaced with lower division runner up, relegation playoff loser replaced with promotion playoff winner.

The CCC couldn’t release the fixtures until the fixture calendar was ratified by County Committee. You should see the fixtures start to appear on the Dublin Gaa Website over the next few days but you should already be able to workout who you will be playing and when.


I get u . I don’t need anything as not involved in day to day . Just like going to games . I just think with how club keeps getting pushed down the ladder that anything that makes it look more ameteur or less important is wrong . I much prefer club than county but it’s been pushed further and further down the list . Fixtures should be out , done professionally bit of a buzz . It’s just one gripe but all adds up to the club game suffering . That’s all . 2 weeks before start still nothing don’t think it helps or is good enough


In all fairness it is amateur.


It was mentioned before but it would be great if the County Board could do their best to alter the fixtures as to avoid a Cuala away to Man o War (or vice versa) scenario in the midweek games.


AFL 1 is up for 2019.


Brilliant . Ballymun boden is county players playing will be my choice :joy:


What if teams were relegated on the basis of giving walkovers, whats their standing regarding positions?






any for divison 11n




Not yet. Looks like only 1 - 4 at the moment.


Don’t know why there is such a fuss for fixtures … besides are the fixtures not basically switched around . As in if you played team x at home first round last year then your away to them in the first round this year.
However all leagues should be out at same time .