Master Fixture Dates List


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master list out but cant upload it lads sorry maybe get onto your sec


If anyone is able to upload it, id appreciate it. Save me the hassle of waiting on the Secretary


Including who plays who?

Or just dates


Just dates for now.

If you take your games from last season and reverse the venues you’ll have a good idea of who you are playing and when.

The actual fixtures should be published after the calendar and regulations are approved at County Committee next Monday.


Anyone able to upload the fixture dates? Weddings, stags and honeymoon are all dependent on these dates…


Football League Fixtures:

Div 1 - 4

  1. (Sunday) Feb 17
  2. (S) March 3
  3. (S) March 31
  4. (Weds) May 8
  5. (S) May 12
  6. (W) May 22
  7. (S) May 26
  8. (saturday) June 8
  9. (W) June 19
  10. (W) June 26
  11. (s) July 6
  12. (W) July 17
  13. (s) July 27
  14. (s) Aug 17
  15. (s) Aug 31

Champ down for April 10-14, April 24-28 and Sept 11-15, then every 2 weeks after that for final’s stages

Couldn’t upload file received.




Hi are the dates the same for afl5 to afl11 south or are there different dates for afl5 to afl11 south


AFL 5-8 are usually Sunday morning and Tuesday evening for midweek. AFL 9-11 are Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening.


Any news when fixtures will be out dates passed at last nights ccc meeting


2 and half weeks to league opener and no fixtures out . They are getting worse . No excuse for this . Sure maybe teams will find out who they are playing the tues before it . Then they wonder why fall off in interest , attendance etc . Totally incompetence


Asked club secretary tonight and was told Thursday Friday this week fixtures expected to be announced, not good enough I understand, if that’s not the case and we go into next week I will be first with the pitch fork marching on Parnell Park


Simple question does anyone on county board bother their ar73 to read anything on this site to check the temperature of the rank and file


I’m told fixtures will be announced once there are couple of all blacks clad in AIG gear available to do so. Until that time, fixtures will remain under wraps and these “club” folk in the dark.


Would you give it a rest. Or apply for the job yourself. Have you any idea how much work is involved? Then you’ve clubs that won’t send in entries. Then grading minors. Incompetence my arse. I did it for years at CCC2. Safe to say you’ve no idea the amount of work involved. Never mind they were delayed by the delay at national level.


I’m sure they probably find the temperature of the rank and file is better obtained through the club delegates!!!