Master Fixture Dates List


Sunday games will change to Saturday evening once the clock changes.



Can’t see why it wouldn’t. That date was known a good few weeks now


We always hear how brilliant the DCB are? On what criteria are the judged:
7 off top of my head

  • inter county performances
  • commercial agreements
  • club fixtures
  • development of GAA in GAA weak areas
  • player welfare ( both safety and fixture management)
  • assisting clubs with facility developments
  • IC facilities

Commercially they perform very well but how much on that is split between their work and the reality that as capital city and largest population Centre, Dublin will always attract best deals regardless of DCB.

IC facilities are distorted by having national and college facilities available but as spawell still not moving, then PP is the main item.

As 2 of other 7, Not sure how they’re doing on fixtures, expansion of GAA etc.


Wouldn’t make assumptions just because Dublin are the biggest county.

Let’s have a look at the county with the third biggest population and twice as many GAA clubs as Dublin and how their county board is performing - on and off the pitch. No actually … let’s not.


It’s poor form no doubt and does very little in the way of PR in dispelling the notion that the club players are an after thought , there’s obvious behind the scene factors that have ultimately led us to this farcical situation however factors or not it’s unacceptable


Players / Managers Don’t need to know if you’re playing A, B or C but the dates would be good.


Confirmation received to say May games will remain as Sunday as they clash with Dublin Hurlers fixtures


A lot of teams will probably change themselves to the sat u would imagine


Hurlers fixed to play Kilkenny away and Wexford at home on Saturday evenings at 7pm. Look across to the right hand side of the page. It shows all Dublin’s intercounty fixtures at minor, under 20 and senior in both codes.


If a clock doesn’t change continuously, it needs new batteries/winding up.


How come there’s a round of hurling champo/league fixed for the May bank holiday weekend?

Usually that weekend is free.


I thought the Easter weekend was the only bank holiday weekend with no games. Pretty sure there was a round of hurling league games on the Saturday of the May bank holiday weekend last year


Just checked last years fixtures and there was a round of league games that weekend.

My bad !!


May bank holiday is relatively new and has always had fixtures.
June Bank Holiday never used to have fixtures. Has that changed?


Not making any assumptions. Suggested criteria to make assesment of general assumption that DCB are flying it.

Reference to cork kinda of irrelevant as it’s not best practice to say don’t look at yourself for areas of improvement just because someone is a certain basket case.


Whats on the June bank holiday? I fancy a night in Carlow for the hurling that weekend…


You say Dublin will attract these deals regardless of DCB - I would view that as an assumption but if you say not fair enough. I don’t know any business that comes beating down a door looking to throw their money around. There is a lot of work involved but success usually makes it easier. I would put a huge part of Dublin’s success down to vision and good planning.

There are lots of basket cases out there. Many in counties adjoining Dublin that should be doing far better on and off the pitch.


If you don’t feel that any corporate would be most attracted to the market with biggest population, highest profile and most spending power, then let’s park it.

If we’re disagreeing on the basics, we’ll not develop a debate much beyond that.


I didn’t say that at all. But I’m not arsed ‘debating’ it with you. I’ve to have my toenails clipped