Master Fixture Dates List


Question then is ware they delayed ? How long for compared to previous years ? How long have they got them? Just to throw out a statement like that I don’t think is good enough and by not issuing master list so people know and can plan again feeds into clubs are bottom of the pile .


Rest assured they are doing their best to get it sorted. They’re not deliberately trying to annoy you.


No of course not , inept more like it . Probably trying to see can they squeeze 10 games into July . See we can all be smart :wink:


Not into the blame game , am frustrated that we don’t have an inkling of what weeks are taken up with codes etc , from a player point of view of which at 51 I’m not ( sons are) I know their anxious to plan etc like a lot of players I’d say , anyway hopefully we will hear next week fingers crossed


Hazard a guess and say the first batch of fixtures for football will be:

Feb 18th (known)
March 3rd
March 24th

Two things to note:

  • First weekend of March last year we were hit by the snow, so that fixture group was pushed out.
  • Paddy’s Day 2019 falls on a Sunday, so highly unlikely games will be played that day.

Championship will follow in April then, followed by the next league game in early May, and then run off a heap of league games until end of July.


Surely something with an outline of fixture dates will be released this week?


You would like to think so, but considering the nature of how slow they’ve been so far, I wouldn’t hold my breath.


I suspect if a few all blacks were available for the launch, club fixtures will be long out by now.


Closing date for entry to adult and minor football and hurling leagues and championships was Jan 17. A significant number of clubs still had not entered, some very prominent!!! Deadline extended until today. If no response, they will not be entered!!!


Why didn’t have entry date 7th jan ???


Why didn’t clubs reply when they were supposed to???


Not justifying clubs being lazy / forgetful, but this problem would have existed regardless of the deadline. It’s not a good enough reason, for the county board being unable to at least produce the master fixture list.


So the blame rests with ???


I personally don’t see any valid reason, for the master fixture list not already being generated. Fair enough if they can’t actually issue the specific fixtures based on clubs being late entering, although I would question the deadline being so late.


The majority of leagues (in all codes) in the country will have at least one 1 weekend that,following the release of a master fixture list, will be deemed unsuitable for fixtures at a later stage.
E.G. Popes visit meant the DCB had to cancel fixtures for the weekend a month beforehand.

I think it’s more a case of incompetence versus a poor attitude towards clubs, but it’s still not good enough.


100 percent clubs that didn’t reply are at fault but board are proven themselves inept aswel . They set a date for entries for 17th jan and say league starts 17th feb . Human nature being human nature there is always going to be late entries . If they set date for 7th clubs given extra 3 days would be sorted 10th . Not 20th A’s is now . Doesn’t effect me as my playing days are gone but surely it’s not too much to ask for players to get a master fixture list to plan holidays etc . Yes clubs to blame for not entering team but board are fully to blame for shambles so far . Just another example of club players treated as 2nd class citizens . Thankful I am out of the mess . I like going to watch games but so glad not involved and trying to plan work or my life around it


Certainly not fair on players. Lads trying to do the right thing and book holidays and weekend aways etc not to coincide with fixtures but this delay making things difficult


Clubs not confirming teams has no connection with the DCB confirming WHEN teams will be playing, unless there’s an extremely unusual shortage of teams in which case the season would be shortened.


Can we still see it starting on the 17th ?


Wasn’t too far off from what was circulated to clubs today…but still to be ratified by DCB.

Feb 18th (known)
March 3rd
March 31st

With Paddy’s weekend being free.

Championship down for

10-14 April
24-28 April

Then league games in May - strangely on the file provided, they continue to have league games (Div1 down) being played on the Sunday throughout May, and then changing to Saturday (Div4 up) on June 8th.

Bit of a surprise if this is correct, as they have Midweek games fixed for May, so light wouldn’t be an issue on the Saturday evenings. Hopefully it’s just a homework thing, and it will be rectified.