Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


All getting a tad worrying now … 5 into 4 won’t go … :scream:


More than a tad… But three wins not beyond Leeds and will be enough, I think, with Fulham and Sheffield Wednesday to play each other. I also expect Brentford to do one on their local rivals.

Congratulations to Chris Hughton on taking Brighton to the PL. I’m sure Brighton’s fans will be subject to limitless, homophobic abuse next season.


Fulham also have to travel to Huddersfield on Saturday while Leeds play Burton and Sheffield play Derby…At this stage I think Leeds should hope Huddersfield can collect the 3 points they need to keep the pressure on Newcastle and scoring 3 or 4 goals would also help.


'Arry has just been installed as Birmingham City manager.


Harry Redknapp


Our form has taken a fall at the worst possible time. Monday’s defeat at home to Wolves means four points taken from the last fifteen, and that situation has been exacerbated by the good form of the teams around us. For the first time since November, Leeds have fallen outside the play off places.

It’s still very much in Leeds’ own hands - away to Burton, home to Norwich and away to Wigan - three victories would almost certainly guarantee a play off spot, and indeed two victories and we’d be in with a good shout, given the fixtures coming up involve matches between our closest rivals. However the recent run of form can’t be ignored and suggests at a deeper malaise - the inability to significantly threaten a mid-table, weakened Wolves team suggests to me that the team is feeling the pressure and not reacting well - as the English like to talk about - lack of bottle. :anguished:


Wigan fighting for their Championship lives too …


True, but with a bit of luck they could be relegated by the time we play them in the last game. They play Cardiff and more importantly Reading before we meet them and are 5 points from staying up at present.


Would agreed with all that Rufus. Also think that having the smallest squad in the division is starting to have an effect as they appear to be running out of steam at the worst time of the season. The loss of Vieria in the last few games and the suspension of Clarke has hurt us. Vieria should be back at the weekend but Clarke is banned for the rest of the league season, returning for the play-offs (if Leeds qualify)

Hoping that others drop points to allow Leeds to scrape into a play-off place is hardly the form we need to be in when they actually start.



Well that didn’t go to plan did it?

Still mathematically possible but out of their hands now, depending on others doing them a favor butto be honest if Leeds can’t beat the likes of Burton then do they deserve it?


I’m afraid it’s a bottle job, BW. They have lost consecutive games to distinctly average teams and have not mustered a shot on target in the first seventy minutes of each game. They’ve bottled it and I’m afraid a wonderful opportunity has been let slip.

Another year in the wilderness backons.


Leeds bottling it again the Spurs of the North :grin:


While it would be nice to get promoted I think Leeds would come straight back down if they went up. If Monk is left and given a few bob they can do a Brighton/Newcastle next season - with a view to a long term Premiership stay.


The money that would come with just one year in the Premiership would be a game changer in my view. Don’t forget, that money includes parachute payments over subsequent years in the Championship, and it would have Leeds at the forefront of the top Championship spenders. Leeds currently are competing at a different level to the likes of Newcastle, Fulham, Derby and Villa. I appreciate that money does not guarantee success, but it could potentially be a key factor.


Oh well it was a great effort but not to be.

Considering how the season started and then having to change manager early on, they gave it a super go. What happens next season is anyone’s guess.

Will Monk stay/be kept?
Will Cellino go?
What players will be snapped up by other clubs with bigger budgets/in the premiership
What money will there be to replace/rebuild and extend the squad?


Defo the Spurs of the North :grin:


Hard luck lads, it was a good season for yous all the same, once perspective is kept. As for “Spurs of the North”, think Dirty Leeds have won a few leagues since Spurs last did! Yis are the ‘Citeh of the North’ in the FA Cup and Europe…

On another note, the goal differences of the sides in the play-off places are bizarre. I think didn’t Bristol City finish top or only just 2nd a few years ago with a GD of +3?


Spurs are Mayo …


I’d settle for that right now … It would mean 2nd best in the Premiership & Champions League next season, a new multi-million pound stadium and annual access to millions, yes being Spurs mightn’t be too bad right now from a Leeds perspective :point_up:


A crushing disappointment, BW. The team was in the play off positions from November to late April and only a terrible run of form was going to stop them. Unfortunately that very thing transpired. Five points from the last possible eighteen. Even a paltry return of nine points would have had us holding the whip hand this Sunday.

Will be interesting to see what happens now - I’d expect significant turnover of playing staff with loan players returning to their Clubs and Wood maybe going for big money. Of more importance will be the position of Monk - logic dictates that he has done enough to earn an extended stay - unfortunately logic does not hold much sway at Leeds.

Will tune in to the play offs - hope either Huddersfield or Wednesday go up but I expect it to be Fulham.


What’s that Rufus, a Yorkshire thing? “Of course, we had it tough!”