Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


Usually the team with the best momentum going into playoffs wins. It’s quiet often that that is someone who’s come from nowhere and pipped 6th spot on the last day. It’s generally very tight from 14th up to the playoffs so it’s tailor made for someone who puts a decent run together at the right moment. If the playoffs happened 4 weeks ago Leeds would have pissed it. At the minute Huddersfield would win it. All down to momentum I feel


Yeh I think that’s very true. Not so much the position finished in. It’s a different dynamic in play-offs anyway


Yes but there is little point in having them after just over half the matches played.


I’d settle for a play-off place right now. The fixture list between now and then is a mine-field. Al is right about the play-offs - on the basis of previous years, third place is no guarantee of any favourite’s tag. We had four defeats in five (including the FA Cup) up until the Bristol City victory, so I’m hoping that’s the end of the blip and others still have to experience their blip!!

@5AliveOh - the Rs are hovering close to that trap door!! :fearful:


Yeh Rufus it’s sadly predictable really, and with Olly back in charge, as Del Boy said it’s sort of like deja vue all over again Rodders. He came along during a Championship season around 2006, they went down to league 1, took 3 yrs to get them back up, then got sacked by a dodgy new Italian chairman.

The momentum, and trajectory since 3 years ago has relegation written all over it. Several years of supposed billionaire owners allegedly aiming for more ambition/expanding the club has led to two abject Premier Lg relegations, and now this.

There’s only room for one top club in any one part of London, Chelsea cornered that market first from the late 90s on, and haven’t let go. Damn that Abramovich, damn him to hell!!!


Huge result yesterday. Wood is on fire. 12 games left. 5 more wins should see Leeds safely in the playoffs. Automatic is gone.

Few tricky games left but if it comes down to the last 4 games you’d have to fancy Leeds to pick up at least 9 from them 12 possible against Wolves, Burton, Norwich and Wigan.

If the positions stayed as they are now I’d be happy. Would rather play Reading in the semi as I can’t see them beating Leeds over two legs but I can see Fulham forcing them out of the playoffs.

Beating Huddersfield at Wembley would be the best way to go up.


Including our fixture against Newcastle which has been rescheduled for TV, and will now be played on Friday 14th April at 7:45pm.

First up however is our trip to Birmingham tomorrow night, live on Sky with a 7.45pm ko. followed by Leeds v Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday 18th March (5.30pm) … although I’d say the Ireland v England game at the same time will be the main attraction that evening.


Rugby? Wash your mouth out BlueWheels.

I think the fixture move against Newcastle is a good thing. Leeds are playing Norwich the following Monday so extra rest before that game


@BlueWheels the only match worth thinking about on March 18th is the match in Tralee :smiley:


So true … just think of the “other” games as the warm-up acts before the main event :grinning:


I’m not sure BD. Automatic could still happen, although I accept it will be a very long, ‘long shot’. Brighton look to be wobbling and Huddersfield took the spill at home to Newcastle, so it will be interesting to see how they respond. We do though seem to have tough fixtures coming up - Brighton at home, Newcastle away, Fulham away - if we could go on a winning run, an automatic could conceivably be a possibility.


Fingers crossed


Last kick of the game … Ffs


By all accounts Fulham dominated this game from start to finish. Our goal was very fortunate too but we hit the woodwork on the counter attack in the 2nd half. Green also pulled off a string of fine saves and I suppose he was only going to be beaten by an excellent shot given the form he was in on the night. Before the game i certainly would have take a draw away to Fulham and for me the main thing is none of the play off chasing pack made any ground, i think they all drew…though 3 points would have been great to stay in touch with Huddersfield and possible 2nd place.


That was alright last night wasn’t it? :sunglasses:


Strong, confident performance against Brighton - renews that flicker of hope for automatic promotion. Pity the international break is coming now - will give both Brighton and Huddersfield the opportunity to regroup and has the potential to disrupt our own momentum. To have any chance of automatic promotion, you would think we will need to win at Reading and at Newcastle in the coming weeks. However with Fulham losing, it will take a serious collapse to deny us a play off place - then things get nervy!!


It’s a possibility again with 24 points to play for but in fairness I think it a very long shot. Either Newcastle or Brighton would have to suffer a big drop in form, as would Huddersfield who are 2 points clear of Leeds with a game in hand.

However as you said, the play-offs at least are looking good, something I didn’t think a reality at the start for the season.


After the first 5 games I thought relegation was a possibility. This has being an amazing turnaround


The Monk has a winning habit.


I am praying it will continue :wink: